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How to Know Which Friend Fits You Best

I’ve always had friends, best friends, decent friends, and even just acquaintances, like many of you have.  But I never knew the true meaning of friendship until just recently. I’ve never kept too many friends around because usually they tend to screw me over. I never let them get too close because I was scared they’d do it again. So I kept the friendships to a minimum and stuck to myself for the most part. This world is one crazy place to live, and unfortunately, you’re going to have more friends screw you over than not. But the sooner you realize this, the better. Knowing that there are more petty people out here than there are nice people, will provide you with an insight on how to choose friends. It’s like trying on shoes. You have to find the pair that fits you. Not everyone is worthy of your time. Not every shoe fits. Sometimes you discover that a little too late, but hopefully you learn from those mistakes as you go.

True Friendship

It took me 22 years to find a true friendship. I’ve had my fair share of getting screwed over, believe me.  You’ll even find that family doesn’t have your back as much as you think, which is why friendship is so important. I’m not dismissing my other friendships as less than or  fake, especially not the people I’ve considered my “best friends.” I’m just saying that my friendship with Myla Edmond has been drastically different than any other relationship I’ve had with a friend. She really took time to get to know me. She never asks for anything in return, our conversation is good enough. She makes me see the good in myself when I can’t see it. She cares more about other people than herself. I could keep going, but I’ll only say one more thing. Even through her struggles in life, she kept a smile on her face. I share some of her struggles. God knew I needed a positive person in my life and he sent me Myla. I’m beyond blessed for that.

True friendship is also important because your friends may understand more than your family does. They may have gone through the exact same circumstance as you. Family won’t understand as well as someone who has been through it. If your family is giving you problems, you’ve got your friends to help you through it. Because I had been screwed over so many times, I just dismissed friendship all together. I didn’t think I needed it at all. I was my own best friend, but even I wasn’t providing enough for myself in that regard. The thoughts that went through my head actually weren’t good for me at all. My best friend Myla helped me through that. Not only is she my best friend, she’s my mentor and my sister. No one could ever take her place.

Find a Friend Like…

Find a friend who treats you like family. Find a friend you know you couldn’t stand to live without. Find a friend you trust with your life. Live by those guidelines and your friendships will change. If you’re cool with negative friends, keep those. If you want a change, switch things up.

Wayne’s “I Am Still Music” Tour

Although this post should ideally be the one about “Watch the Throne,” it’s not. I went to the Wayne concert on Sunday at Verizon in Noblesville, Indiana and actually had the best time of my life. No exaggerating. Even though I’ve been a little unimpressed with the music Wayne has been putting out, I was beyond pleased with his performance on Sunday! I knew every song, grooved to every beat, and enjoyed seeing Wayne love what he does, and you can tell he does.

VIP Tickets

The VIP tickets that my buddy Markus got from work is what really what made us have the best time ever! The perfect seats, drinks brought to us while we watched the show, no waiting in line, no battling people for lawn seats– all good combinations. The show itself was BA, but without those tickets, I couldn’t call that night one of the best nights of my life.

Wayne ticket

Oh, and how could I forget? I went with three of the coolest guys I know. I wouldn’t have replaced any of them with a girl, or even with another guy. I would love to relive this night, but since I can’t, these pictures are as close as I’m going to get 🙂 P.S. We are all of age. Just in case you were wondering.

Markus, Nick, Ryan, and I at WayneWayne is a Fan of his Fans

Wayne has a way with his fans. The focus of his shows is definitely on them. He mentioned three facts about himself. 1. “I believe in God”, 2. “I ain’t shit without you (his fans)”, 3. “I ain’t shit without you.” Rick Ross didn’t say nothing like that. Keri Hilson didn’t say nothing like that. Granted it was a Wayne concert, he was the center of attention, but if it wasn’t true, I don’t think he would have said it. But then again, he does know what his fans want to hear, but for the most part, I believe he’s being sincere.

Wayne in Noblesville Aug 14

Music he Played at the Concert

There wasn’t one bad critique of the concert from what I’ve heard by other people who went.  Last Sunday was the second time I’d seen Wayne. Both times I’ve left from his shows, I’ve a newfound respect for him and what he does. The best part of the performance is that he didn’t play his most recent music. I think that’s what his next tour will be like, after the Carter IV, but maybe not. He played stuff from The Carter III and before like “Fireman,” “Milli,” and “Go DJ.” He also played some of  his newer stuff like “6 foot 7 foot,” “I’m On One” (even though they may have played that when Rick Ross came out), and a few others.

The concert before this last one was kind of set up the same way — Not the newest music, but the best Wayne that everyone knows. If you ever get a chance to go to one of his shows, I’d definitely advise it. I have given his last songs and the Carter IV a somewhat bad review, but I would never give his performance a bad review especially because I’ve been a fan of his for a while.

The first video out from “Watch the Throne” isn’t extravagant, but the two hip hop moguls sure are having fun.  They needed to make a chill video after all the hard work they put in! I’m thinking I might steal Jay-Z from Miss B….Just saying. But the beat in this song makes up for the lack of action in the song. The guys are live enough, just like the album. They keep us entertained as usual…










Watch the Throne

Watch The Throne

Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaborative album, “Watch the Throne” has been the most highly anticipated album of the year. It came out Aug. 8 online, but not in stores until Aug. 12. The two hip hop advocates began this project last year, and we finally get to see the work that went into it. I’m sure all of you hip hop fans will jump on the bandwagon and get the album (I know I am), because you know you can’t ignore the talent that went into this album. I would imagine you know what it looks like by now, but if not, now you do….

Jay-Z and Kanye's new album

Listen to the album here and see if you like it! Best believe when I have it in my possession, I’m going to be writing more about it. I’ve already listened to this online, and I personally will never have a reason to skip over a song. Maybe I’m just dedicated, or maybe it’s really that good. You can be the judge of that! Some people really are out here just hating on these two guys and their album. Fact of the matter is, you don’t have to like BOTH of them to like their music. Shoot, you don’t have to even like one of them to like the music. Good hip hop is good hip hop. There’s no denying that.

Facebook and Twitter

Most of us these days use Facebook and Twitter to socialize. People fail to realize that these social media sites were created for college students and for companies. Had the creators of these sites known what people might use them for, they may not have created them at all. But real companies are actually getting a lot of good exposure from the sites that people are using to update about the nonsense that’s going on in their lives, who they’re dating, what they’re mad about that day, etc.

Good Image/Bad Image

I know my cousin wouldn’t want me to use her as an example, but I’m going to anyway to prove my point. Just yesterday my 13 year old cousin posted a FB status talking about who’s “butt” she was going to whoop because the girl called her two bad names. I understand that may be a young kid’s first reaction–to post something letting the girl know that she was going to do something about this. But there are sooo many things wrong with that statement. I let her know that was not creating a good image for her. I couldn’t ignore that. I think if something has to be said, she’d better say it to her face. I didn’t encourage her to fight, though, just encouraged her not to post things like that.

How Your Future Can Be at Jeopardy

Eventually, if you’re serious about a future career, you can’t post incriminating things about yourself or carry yourself that way, because you just may not get the job you want. Organizations look at those social media sites to see how you carry yourself with your friends because that’s ultimately the best way to judge you outside of a work setting. The way you present yourself plays a big role in how others see you. If you’re not presenting yourself in a good way, then no one else is going to see the good in you. Just be aware of how you carry yourself.

Lil Wayne: Then and Now

The Old Wayne

In my past posts, you may have noticed that I’ve gone from praise of Wayne to basically disgust for him. Just the other day, when I was on my way back from the funeral I talked about in my last post, me and my good friend Markus from home were listening to the 2007 Wayne. Da Drought 3 Mixtape is one of my favorite mixtapes by Wayne and the one we were listening to on the way back. The beats on the mixtapes are beats that will surely get you out of your seat. It put me in such a good mood and even pissed me off a little bit because I want that Wayne back.

Lil Wayne Drought 3 Mixtape Cover

Da Drought 3

The lyrics on the mixtape are undeniably good because he talked about more than just females and what not. Obviously some of that girl talk, however, is part of Wayne’s brand. A hip hop artist is supposed to have that type of ego, I get that. But in Da Drought 3, he actually created a masterpiece. The way he plays with words and ideas is something that can’t be duplicated. There are 29 songs total on the mixtape, but probably only 25 because of the intros and outros. “Upgrade”, “Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop”, “Put Some Keys On That”, “Ride for My N*****”, “Dough Is What I Got”, “Forever”, “Walk It Out”, “Boom” “Dipset” and “President” are my favorite songs, but I’m a fan of the whole mixtape. When I hear it, I can’t help but groove to it.

Tha Carter III

Some people didn’t like Tha Carter III (scroll to the bottom of this page and you can listen to the tracks, if you don’t know them already), but I really liked the album, because again, it was put together so beautifully. It too, was a masterpiece compared to what he’s making now. There was a lot of thought about where this song should go, what skit should go here, and who should be on what songs. The way the different songs were distributed on the album were also really well thought out. I pay attention to every aspect, not just the lyrics or just the beat.

The Carter III album

The New Wayne

All I have to say about the latest Wayne is that he’s really gone down hill. His voice is even different and his ideas are all the same now. I’ve always been a Wayne fan, but I can’t overlook the changes he’s making to his music. Yeah, he went to jail for a year. Yeah, he’s trying to make more money. But you can’t be “the best rapper” alive doing what he’s doing today. The Sorry 4 the Wait mixtape only has 12 songs on it. Big difference from 25 to 12. And the material is what I’d like to call trash. You can keep following the crap that he’s talking about, but I’m not having it.

Sorry 4 The Wait

The material is the same. His voice went from being calm to something I can’t stand to hear. Listen to the songs above then listen to this: Sorry 4 the Wait . Tell me he sounds the same as he used to. I dare you. And keep in mind the new songs he’s coming out with, they really are all saying the same stuff. Same repeated punch lines, “life’s a b***ch….” I’m afraid for the Carter IV. It came close to the same sales as the rest of the Carters, but only because of the album name and the artist name. All the younger kids listening to rap listen to Wayne before they would Jay-Z. That’s because they don’t have to listen too hard to get what he’s saying.