Writing Portfolio

For my English/Creative writing major, I was required to create a portfolio of a combination of things: a literary analysis paper, a research paper and 6 poems. I worked on the poems more than anything because I love to write poetry. What I learned while attending my writing classes was that I didn’t have to write how I THOUGHT I had to. Shakespeare’s poems are the ones that we hear about in high school and they often make us hate poetry because we don’t understand what they mean. He was a great writer, but Shakespearean poetry isn’t the only poetry out there.

My Voice

Contemporary poetry is fun to write because the vernacular that’s used is the one you speak with. It took me a year or so to develop my voice in poetry in college, but since I’ve come into my voice, I’ve enjoyed writing poetry a lot more (although I should be writing more). My poems are not your typical poems, but they are still poetry. I’m cynical, humorous, and sassy in my poetry. That’s me in real life, so that’s how it comes across on paper. I don’t sugar coat me.


you can give the baby back to it’s mother
throw it in their arm’s      And run
you see why you shouldn’t have children

they’re too much work for one woman
require too much maintenance
of wiping cuts, snotty noses and stinky butts

they seek your attention —
for the rest of your life.
you never have time to pamper yourself
your hygiene and fashion fade
with every diaper change

it’s their way or the highway
your arms always hurt
from holding them on that one side
all propped up on your hip

your body goes to hell and
your hair turns gray
all the youth fades away

i’m just fine sitting
this game out
You can find me on the side
lines keeping the bench warm
the worst player in the NBA

if it’s up to God

i cuss every day
often overeat
and I’ve had sex
out of wedlock
since I was twelve
i sin every day
i wonder if God keeps
track of it
does he know each
sin by name
does he have each one
on record in a file cabinet
in alphabetical order
tabbed with the last
three letters of
my last name
stashed like patients
in a doctor’s office
is he just waiting
to decide my fate
by number of sins
like a one man jury
deciding my fate
if that’s the case
i’d better commit suicide
or else spend my after life
miserable with the devil
in the Gates of Hell

Elegy For Myself

Throw a party at my funeral, bitches!

Play hip hop music like you’re saying

Goodbye to a G. Go to a bar, take a straight shot

of Jager for me. Don’t cry. Crying is for pussies.

You’ll be the next one up here.

Reminisce about the times we had, even if they

Were the times I called you a dumbass

Or told you to fuck off it you looked at me wrong.

On second thought, Jager might not be strong enough.

Tequila will do the trick but try to keep your clothes on.