The Old Wayne

In my past posts, you may have noticed that I’ve gone from praise of Wayne to basically disgust for him. Just the other day, when I was on my way back from the funeral I talked about in my last post, me and my good friend Markus from home were listening to the 2007 Wayne. Da Drought 3 Mixtape is one of my favorite mixtapes by Wayne and the one we were listening to on the way back. The beats on the mixtapes are beats that will surely get you out of your seat. It put me in such a good mood and even pissed me off a little bit because I want that Wayne back.

Lil Wayne Drought 3 Mixtape Cover

Da Drought 3

The lyrics on the mixtape are undeniably good because he talked about more than just females and what not. Obviously some of that girl talk, however, is part of Wayne’s brand. A hip hop artist is supposed to have that type of ego, I get that. But in Da Drought 3, he actually created a masterpiece. The way he plays with words and ideas is something that can’t be duplicated. There are 29 songs total on the mixtape, but probably only 25 because of the intros and outros. “Upgrade”, “Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop”, “Put Some Keys On That”, “Ride for My N*****”, “Dough Is What I Got”, “Forever”, “Walk It Out”, “Boom” “Dipset” and “President” are my favorite songs, but I’m a fan of the whole mixtape. When I hear it, I can’t help but groove to it.

Tha Carter III

Some people didn’t like Tha Carter III (scroll to the bottom of this page and you can listen to the tracks, if you don’t know them already), but I really liked the album, because again, it was put together so beautifully. It too, was a masterpiece compared to what he’s making now. There was a lot of thought about where this song should go, what skit should go here, and who should be on what songs. The way the different songs were distributed on the album were also really well thought out. I pay attention to every aspect, not just the lyrics or just the beat.

The Carter III album

The New Wayne

All I have to say about the latest Wayne is that he’s really gone down hill. His voice is even different and his ideas are all the same now. I’ve always been a Wayne fan, but I can’t overlook the changes he’s making to his music. Yeah, he went to jail for a year. Yeah, he’s trying to make more money. But you can’t be “the best rapper” alive doing what he’s doing today. The Sorry 4 the Wait mixtape only has 12 songs on it. Big difference from 25 to 12. And the material is what I’d like to call trash. You can keep following the crap that he’s talking about, but I’m not having it.

Sorry 4 The Wait

The material is the same. His voice went from being calm to something I can’t stand to hear. Listen to the songs above then listen to this: Sorry 4 the Wait . Tell me he sounds the same as he used to. I dare you. And keep in mind the new songs he’s coming out with, they really are all saying the same stuff. Same repeated punch lines, “life’s a b***ch….” I’m afraid for the Carter IV. It came close to the same sales as the rest of the Carters, but only because of the album name and the artist name. All the younger kids listening to rap listen to Wayne before they would Jay-Z. That’s because they don’t have to listen too hard to get what he’s saying.