How to Know Which Friend Fits You Best

I’ve always had friends, best friends, decent friends, and even just acquaintances, like many of you have.  But I never knew the true meaning of friendship until just recently. I’ve never kept too many friends around because usually they tend to screw me over. I never let them get too close because I was scared they’d do it again. So I kept the friendships to a minimum and stuck to myself for the most part. This world is one crazy place to live, and unfortunately, you’re going to have more friends screw you over than not. But the sooner you realize this, the better. Knowing that there are more petty people out here than there are nice people, will provide you with an insight on how to choose friends. It’s like trying on shoes. You have to find the pair that fits you. Not everyone is worthy of your time. Not every shoe fits. Sometimes you discover that a little too late, but hopefully you learn from those mistakes as you go.

True Friendship

It took me 22 years to find a true friendship. I’ve had my fair share of getting screwed over, believe me.  You’ll even find that family doesn’t have your back as much as you think, which is why friendship is so important. I’m not dismissing my other friendships as less than or  fake, especially not the people I’ve considered my “best friends.” I’m just saying that my friendship with Myla Edmond has been drastically different than any other relationship I’ve had with a friend. She really took time to get to know me. She never asks for anything in return, our conversation is good enough. She makes me see the good in myself when I can’t see it. She cares more about other people than herself. I could keep going, but I’ll only say one more thing. Even through her struggles in life, she kept a smile on her face. I share some of her struggles. God knew I needed a positive person in my life and he sent me Myla. I’m beyond blessed for that.

True friendship is also important because your friends may understand more than your family does. They may have gone through the exact same circumstance as you. Family won’t understand as well as someone who has been through it. If your family is giving you problems, you’ve got your friends to help you through it. Because I had been screwed over so many times, I just dismissed friendship all together. I didn’t think I needed it at all. I was my own best friend, but even I wasn’t providing enough for myself in that regard. The thoughts that went through my head actually weren’t good for me at all. My best friend Myla helped me through that. Not only is she my best friend, she’s my mentor and my sister. No one could ever take her place.

Find a Friend Like…

Find a friend who treats you like family. Find a friend you know you couldn’t stand to live without. Find a friend you trust with your life. Live by those guidelines and your friendships will change. If you’re cool with negative friends, keep those. If you want a change, switch things up.