Watch the Throne

Watch The Throne

Jay-Z and Kanye’s collaborative album, “Watch the Throne” has been the most highly anticipated album of the year. It came out Aug. 8 online, but not in stores until Aug. 12. The two hip hop advocates began this project last year, and we finally get to see the work that went into it. I’m sure all of you hip hop fans will jump on the bandwagon and get the album (I know I am), because you know you can’t ignore the talent that went into this album. I would imagine you know what it looks like by now, but if not, now you do….

Jay-Z and Kanye's new album

Listen to the album here and see if you like it! Best believe when I have it in my possession, I’m going to be writing more about it. I’ve already listened to this online, and I personally will never have a reason to skip over a song. Maybe I’m just dedicated, or maybe it’s really that good. You can be the judge of that! Some people really are out here just hating on these two guys and their album. Fact of the matter is, you don’t have to like BOTH of them to like their music. Shoot, you don’t have to even like one of them to like the music. Good hip hop is good hip hop. There’s no denying that.