New Day, New Attitude

Yesterday seemed like one of the worst days just crept up on me. It wasn’t necessarily that any one person messed up my attitude but more like 1 person: Myself! I focused on all of the bad energy in my life yesterday, fed off of it like a mut, and it ruined my day. It ruined my attitude which in turn ruined every aspect of my being. But that was only yesterday. I know in my heart that tomorrow is a new day no matter what the prior day brings.

You Get What You Give Out

Some days just give you more grief than others. It seems to all build up in one day, you lose faith, and allow your day to be shot all to hell. Only if you let it. And boy, did I let it get the best of me yesterday. It depends on how you let it get you down and how well you bounce back. If you dwell in the negativity, your life will continue to bring you negative energy.

My Need for a New Day

I came into work with no drive yesterday, I hardly cracked a smile and I rode home with no music on. That’s when you know I’ve had a bad day! It just seemed like everything was crashing down on my shoulders, but in reality I was just letting it appear that way. It’s all about what you do with what you’re given! Take your life day by day, even when you’re preparing for the future. Tomorrow really is a new day.