Facebook and Twitter

Most of us these days use Facebook and Twitter to socialize. People fail to realize that these social media sites were created for college students and for companies. Had the creators of these sites known what people might use them for, they may not have created them at all. But real companies are actually getting a lot of good exposure from the sites that people are using to update about the nonsense that’s going on in their lives, who they’re dating, what they’re mad about that day, etc.

Good Image/Bad Image

I know my cousin wouldn’t want me to use her as an example, but I’m going to anyway to prove my point. Just yesterday my 13 year old cousin posted a FB status talking about who’s “butt” she was going to whoop because the girl called her two bad names. I understand that may be a young kid’s first reaction–to post something letting the girl know that she was going to do something about this. But there are sooo many things wrong with that statement. I let her know that was not creating a good image for her. I couldn’t ignore that. I think if something has to be said, she’d better say it to her face. I didn’t encourage her to fight, though, just encouraged her not to post things like that.

How Your Future Can Be at Jeopardy

Eventually, if you’re serious about a future career, you can’t post incriminating things about yourself or carry yourself that way, because you just may not get the job you want. Organizations look at those social media sites to see how you carry yourself with your friends because that’s ultimately the best way to judge you outside of a work setting. The way you present yourself plays a big role in how others see you. If you’re not presenting yourself in a good way, then no one else is going to see the good in you. Just be aware of how you carry yourself.