Customer Service

Just when I thought I was grown, I realized I had so much more to learn and experience. Just recently I graduated with a bachelor’s of arts degree from the Univ. of Indianapolis. I have been employed at Steak N Shake for 7 months, and although I’m ready to move on, I’m thankful for my experience as a server. I’ve learned how to give the ultimate customer service to anyone that walks through the SNS doors. In any business, the customer is numero uno. It makes me feel good to give the people what they want. I can’t make Steak N Shake my career because the restaurant industry isn’t for me. But I’m appreciative of learning how to manage my attitude in front of customers, of learning how to cope with random situations, and of learning how to cope with different types of co-workers.

Seeking a Career

In the past few days, I’ve had three interviews for full time positions. I’ve been called back for a second interview for two of the positions and for them, there is an opportunity for management. Mind you I’ve been waiting for a full time career since I graduated in May.  I accepted a position with Foundation Financial, a mortgage company on the north side of Indy, and am very glad I did. Already I can sense that I will succeed with the company as long as I’m giving my all to my career. Man, does that sound good to say. On the side I will be writing poems and hopefully getting my hip hop identity research paper edited so that I can one day publish that bad boy. I’m collecting poems and rewriting them in hopes of creating a small poetry book with the material being mostly about my childhood or past.

Originally, the reason for this website was to gain experience for a record label. Those dreams have seized for awhile.  I haven’t had professional experience with a record label, but was told as a writer, of whatever subject, I should always have an updated blog. Although I’ve taken a break from writing, I’ve grown in the process. Now, I’m seeking full time employment in any industry, and am with the man of my dreams. Although it hasn’t always been rainbows and magic for us, we have worked through some serious dilemmas and are ready to live life as a happy little couple.  Life couldn’t seem to get much better than this.

Pursue Many Interests

Why am I writing about all this on my hip hop based blog website, you’re probably wondering. But I’m seeking exactly what you are; the American dream. From now on, this website isn’t going to be used solely for hip hop material.I have a lot of good insight that I feel that I should share with other people rather than being restrained to one specific subject. Life isn’t meant to take you one certain way. As you can see, you should always pursue different interests in order to end up where you’re truly meant to be. Stay tuned peeps 🙂