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Amani Tre Niner’s Tattoo Muzik Hosted by DJ Holiday

Click the photo or the link below to catch the drop of Tattoo Muzik by Amani Tre Niner! But if you want a copy of it now, I have enough to pass around. But Amani, his crew, and myself would appreciate if you help us promote the mixtape, not just take a CD to look at. DJ Holiday hosted the mixtape so s/0 @Djholiday and @Hot963. Call/tweet Hot 96.3  to request “In Da Summa” by Amani Tre Niner… NOW!


The Trio Troubled Youth

@Zakk_lo @Piff_God @SpaidDaDon

Humble but confident about their abilities. Local but their music has a national appeal. Those two qualities in themselves will take them farther than most. That’s not even mentioning the representation they have backing them. Dre Wills is the owner of Immaculate 2020 which is a record label based in Atlanta, Georgia. Be on the lookout for the article about Wills himself sometime next week. You’d think Troubled Youth just started spittin’, but it’s the opposite actually.

“We’ve been rapping since our freshman year of high school, but we formed the group in 2009 after making the song “Naptown Music” over some random beat we found on the net. In 5 years, I plan to be making a steady income off of making music, whether underground or mainstream who knows,” said Zakk Lo.

Zakk Lo and Don Piff

Troubled Youth has a huge advantage over a lot of local talent because they are not even 21 yet, but straight killin’ it. Zakk Lo said,“We are trying to make a name for ourselves by not just making songs for Indianapolis but trying to make songs that will have national or global appeal.” As part of Team Spittage, they are coming up with a distinct sound.  Their complex but simple bars will have you stunned. “We aren’t trying to get stuck in the box of ‘wack’ Indianapolis rappers, we are trying to stand out as something different,” said Zakk Lo.


Between the three of them, Dre Wills, and Ajene tha.God who you’ll hear on some tracks, these guys are blowin’ up. The beats they inherit along with their way of blessing the beat, the talent can’t be denied. These old souls won’t be local too long, though. Watch and see. Humble Don Piff said, “As long as one person likes what I put out and actually appreciates it for what it is, then I’m satisfied. In five years I hope to be alive, because tomorrow isn’t promised, but I wanna make a way with my music. 




They capture the life of this generation of young people so well in the bars of every song. You can’t help but bob your head to the beat with them. “Sometimes we’ll be in the studio and Dre sends a beat and we come up with a concept and bless the beat,” Zakk Lo said. “Other times we might be just chillin listening to other music and an idea will spark and we’ll jot it down.”

According to Zakk Lo, “We decided to pursue this dream after hearing classic albums like Illmatic, It was Written, Ready to Die, Reasonable Doubt, the Infamous, etc. We wanted to make our own classics. Dre Wills provided us with a blueprint of how to record and write and we just ran with it.”


The Soulful Jay Jones

Presenting Jay Jones


You’ve probably seen him out downtown most likely playing his favorite instrument, the piano, at Howl at the Moon. If you’ve been to Howl, you know just how much talent it takes to master singing and playing the piano at the same time.  Howl at the Moon is a piano bar that takes requests from the drunkards in the audience. Jay then has to play whatever song they choose. With the different requests he gets, he and the band can improvise any song at any given time. The requests can be anywhere from The Eagles to Tim McGraw to Micheal Jackson or even Lil’ John. You can only imagine the range of music he can play just based on that.

Jay Jones playing the piano

Born Into Music

“I got my influence from my brother, as a kid my family was full of musicians and athletes. My older brother Devon played drums and would practice for hours with head phones on in my grandmother’s basement. He has toured since he was 17, you name the state or country, he has been there. My uncle played keyboard at Notre Dame in the 80’s, and my other uncle played bass and lead guitar.”

He told me when he was 7 years old there were all kinds of musical instruments in the basement at his grandma’s. When the adults left, they told Jay not to touch a thing. Do you think he listened?

Jay now makes a living performing at places such at Howl at the Moon in Indianapolis, and most recently The Penguin in Lexington, Kentucky which is also a piano bar with the same set up as Howl. After going with him last weekend to KY as his manager, I learned a lot more about Jay that I hadn’t known. I knew he was talented and did this for money. I was even aware of how significant his fan base already is. The thing I wasn’t aware of was just how talented he truly is. He can play the guitar, drums, the piano, writes songs, makes beats and occasionally plays the organ! Who does that? Jay Jones! He has

also performed at the CMA Music Awards.. Do your research, yeah that’s country.

Jay Jones playing the drums

Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/jay-jones-24
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/jayjonespiano
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JayJones808

Musical Influences–Besides the Fam

“Call me crazy, but I like to listen to Sly and the Family Stone, Jay-Z’s old stuff, The Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, that band that sang More than Words. I listen to all kinds of stuff. Tim McGraw got some good stuff, that Bar-B-Que stain song, John Mayer, Young lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lenny Kravitz, Steely Dan..”

His musical influences are many which is why he makes different music– for different people and for different feelings. During an interview on Tuesday on eventlevel.com with Daniel Bradshaw and his crew, he told everyone he grew up with a wide range of music and mostly owes that to his older brother, Devon Jones. Because the family instilled such a desire for music in Jay, he takes on the sound of a soulful musician everytime he steps to the mic or the piano–Or both.

Jay Jones playing the guitar

“I would like to win an award like a BET, Grammy, MTV, CMA, and take one of those girls you see in the Drake and Trey Songs videos on a date.. lol or one of the nice young ladies off the Bad Girls Club. Lamon Brewster is a great friend of the family. His cousin Jo Jo and I are really good friends. Lamon is the former heavy weight champion of the world and also a great music producer. I wanted some of fans to be on the look out for the collaboration. Stay tuned to the tracks coming soon!

Brother From Another Entertainment

“I’m not a business, I’m a businessman” rings true to Joby Wright and BFA Entertainment. He isn’t trying to get something out of nothing, he’s putting everything into his dream unlike the rest of these half ass dreamers out here. He’s the type that if there’s something he wants, he’s going for it full force. I was automatically inspired by him because of his CEO mindset, his drive and intellect.

BFA’s Mission

“Our mission is to establish our company as a major contributor within the music industry. BFA offers a new perspective on music and business. We plan to set a new precedent of standards for artists and entrepreneurs in entertainment. We strive to be the best at what we do, and expect nothing less.”
“BFA Entertainment, LLC is a multi-faceted marketing and management company. We specialize in audio recording, artist management, marketing/promotion, and event coordination. We are most recognized for hosting over 100 hundred parties and concerts throughout the state of Indiana. From national acts to breakthrough locals, BFA offers a slab of everything for your entertainment needs.”

He Who Is Joby Wright


When I interviewed him, Joby said, “Once I realized I had the skill to match my passion, I began thinking of ways to put together a movement and build it from the ground up.” Since he was a kid, he’s had a significant interest in hip hop. He started jokingly freestyling in high school just for fun but ended up progressing every time he rapped so in his words, “practice makes perfect.” He kept grindin’ and look what he’s doing today. Not only is Joby working on perfecting his rap craft, but his business craft as well. That in itself is inspirational. Building a movement isn’t an easy project, but with the mindset Joby has, he will have no problem in the future and has had no problem putting it into action.

Branding in business and in rap is so important. In order to have everyone jump on your bandwagon, they have to know who you are. Word of mouth is the best way to communicate along with social networking sites like Twitter. Speaking of that, go follow @jobywright now. Joby has developed the BFA website, maintained his Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube, instagram, iTunes and Tumblr accounts. Selling the BFA brand all over the net, word of mouth, and through writers like me, people will soon know who Joby and the rest of the gang is. Check out the links below or else.

“I always am looking for innovative ways to brand myself,” Joby said. “My company has owned and operated a recording studio, we have done event coordination, and concert promotion for years now. Being involved in all these areas keeps the BFA name/brand synonymous with entertainment which has helped us become sort of a household name in Indiana among underground artists. Now the next step is to continue to grow and use our Indiana foundation to propel us to a national level.”

BFA Entertainment Custom Clothing

Joby’s Writing Process

When rappers/songwriters/writers/poets sit down to write, they usually have a set way they approach it everytime. Either they write the material first, then find the beat or vice versa. Some poets will write the middle of a poem first, then begin the intro and conclusion. I know mine is different than yours and yours is different than mine. The beat usually tells us how to feel about a certain song. Joby says so too….

 “I write quite a bit. I write at some of the most random times too. Sometimes I’ll have a flow I write acapella but most of the time I just put on a beat/instrumental and vibe out to the music until something comes to me naturally. I feel like you can’t rush it or force it. If a song takes too much effort to create then chances are you are forcing it. I like my music to feel like it comes from a organic place and that helps me to put a piece of my soul into it.”

Making the Music

If you’re a musician you know there is usually a strategic way to put music together. You have to have your thoughts in the right place for one thing, but the sound and lyrics have to be on point with one another. Rappers make it seem so easy sometimes but it’s not easy at all! Joby’s process seems simple the way he explains it, but to the rest of us… yeah, we wouldn’t even know where to start. It’s more of a process than most of you realize.

 “I usually collect all the instrumentals for a project before I write so the sound is cohesive. Once I get that ironed out I start chipping away at them one at a time. I can go in the studio and do ten songs in one session because I memorize my lyrics very quickly. It’s like the final destination for me before I finish a project, I go in with that mindset and just knock everything out. I have some producers on the BFA team that keep me creative and help me stay focused. I have also recorded with the same engineer since almost day one and it has helped me chart my progress over time from project to project.”







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iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dreamin-single/id500840362 (Dreamin – SINGLE)