You’re in Control!

If you think for a second that you can’t change your thoughts as they come you’re mistaking. I’ve learned that when a negative thought comes your way, all you have to do is replace it with another one. Although it’s easier said than done— It’s not impossible! We’re humans so it’s only right that we will have these negative thougths that we can’t control but because we are human, we have the ability to do just about anything we put our minds to. You will still have your good/bad days, regardless, but being more aware of your negative thoughts makes you better able to change that about yourself.

Controlling Your Mind

I began working for Foundation Financial Group, which is a full financial institution, but we specialize in refinancing homes at our branch in Indianapolis. When I first signed up for the gig, I knew I’d have to be nationally licensed in mortgages eventually in order to be a Loan Officer. The first time I started studying the book, I was overwhelmed. I actually told myself I wasn’t going to pass it and I failed the first time. I had negative thougths about it so I got negative results. I dwelled on the hardship of it– that I wasn’t a test taker and and that I would never be able to remember everything.  But some time passed, I heard other people’s success stories and that they had failed it the first time. It was the hardest test I was going to take so far, but that only made me want to work harder. I wanted to see my “congratulations” emails from the rest of the company when I passed my test. I envisioned that before I took the test. I KNEW I was prepared, but the test was purposefully tricky so I couldn’t say 100% but I felt good compared to the first time I took it. I stayed calm, unlike my first time, ate right, slept right, and took care of business. I stayed positive most of all and I passed that bad boy!

“The Secret”

If you haven’t heard of “The Secret,” I suggest that you watch it. It’s a documentary based on how to make yourself think more positively, however there’s much more to it than just that. If you’re a person who reads books or watches movies and documentaries that are self-help or motivational, you will come away from this knowing more about yourself and what you’re capable of!

Yeah if there’s a death in the family or something really serious weighing on your mind then there’s nothing you can do about that except work through it and obviously TRY to remain as positive as you can. Some people are just naturally negative people and that’s hard to overcome. But I’m talking, for the most part, on a daily basis there are negative thoughts we have all day that we don’t even realize because we are used to seeing out of our eyes only. We don’t think about the thoughts we’re having can actually be lethal to us. We may not find out til later in life though….