If you’ve found yourself to be one of those people to have trust issues, well…. Join the club. At one point in our lives, we’ve had our trust taken from us in one way or another — whether it’s been from a boyfriend, girlfriend, or even a family member. As human beings, we find that trust is a serious quality that is too often taken advantage of. Once you mess up the trust in a relationship, it’s hard to get that security back. If they do it once, they’ll surely do it again, right?

The People You Keep Around…

People can change, though, can’t they? Maybe less often than they say they will change but it is a possibility.. Think about the last time someone broke your trust. Were you able to eventually forgive them or are you even still mad at them? It depends on you as an individual and it depends on what that person did to break the bond you once had. Sometimes people are stronger than others and are able to eliminate the people who have been untrustworthy on the spot. Some people keep those folks around for comfort and all that, and in the end, it just ends up being a worse scenario.

Through life, I’ve learned that I can’t be trusting with everyone right off the bat. Maybe that’s a negative mentality to have, but trust is not a entity that comes easily when trust has been broken by more than one person. You’ll sometimes even find that family members will screw you over somehow in some way. If the people that love you are able to do it, just imagine what someone who doesn’t love you can do to you. That person will tell you lies, have you believing them every time, and even second guessing yourself for reasons you shouldn’t be. They can take your heart out of your chest, in a sense, and rip it to pieces — just because they are selfish and are not at all worried about your feelings. They say and do whatever to keep you around at their convenience. Watch out for them. They are there even if you don’t see them.

P.S. Some people deserve second chances… Some don’t.