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Drake– Take Care

Drake –Staying True to Himself

A true artist has emerged. His name is Drake. He stays true not only to himself and his material, but to the game. He stays true to his crew, but is also very different from them. Yeah, he’s fairly new and will still be changing as an artist, but from mixtape to album he has stayed himself so far–singing, rapping, telling stories that us young people can relate to. Some of you would rather hear him rap more, and I’m not saying I don’t want that, too, but I appreciate him as he is. Even though he seems to be making music more for the ladies, he also includes emotions and stories about women that men can relate to– best of both worlds.


After writing about my local guys P-IC and Hym, I’ve got to give attention to one of the big names in the hip hop industry. This review on Drake’s Take Care is actually a very simple one. The album could’ve been better, but what album couldn’t be better? I hear people saying that the singing he does is a little too much. However, as long as  Drake’s been in the game, he’s been a singer/rapper. That’s just who he is. If you like one side of him, you may not like the other. As a lyricist and storyteller, his talent is undeniable. And you thought Wayne was taking over YMCMB. Get out of here!

To show you what I mean about Drake’s storytelling abilities, I’ve included some lyrics from my favorite songs on the album that most young people can relate to. You’ll find that in most of the hooks, Drake gets your attention the most. The hook sums up the feeling of the song and it’s the part you remember the most.

  • “I’m just saying, you can do better / Tell me have you heard that lately / I’m just saying you can do better / And I’ll start hating only if you make me” — “Marvin’s Room”
  • “I might be too strung out on compliments / Overdosed on confidence / Started not to give a fuck, and stop fearing the consequence / Drinking every night, because we drink to my accomplishments / Faded way too long, I’m floating in and out of consciousness” –“Headlines”
  • “I know things get hard / But girl you got it, girl you got it there you go / Can’t you tell by how they looking at you everywhere you go / Wondering what’s on your mind, it must be hard to be that fine, when all these muthafuckas wanna waste your time /It’s just amazing, girl, and all I can say is.. –“Make Me Proud”
  • “I’m trying to let go of the past / Should we make this one a double, you ain’t even gotta ask / Because it’s hard to say no, say no / Yeah it’s hard to say no” –“We’ll Be Fine”



@UGskywalkin and @ICskywalkin

I know I took a long break from writing. You know how life gets though. Work, work, spend too much time on the boyfriend, but I’ve got a damn good reason to be back at it. P-IC!! Some people reading this already know who they are, others are about to be aware. According to their website, “P-IC  is a rap group that has been putting in work in the underground hip hop scene, out of the Mid-West, and has generated a significant following.” They are currently on the Smoker’s Club Tour with Smoke Dza, Big Krit, Curren$y, and Method Man but in ATL P-IC made connections with Ludacris and 2Chainz also. They just left Atlanta and will be making their way to Las Vegas and Virginia, but have already been to Indianapolis and Chicago.

Prince UG said, “What makes us different is we’re part of the cult of very few artists who are real in the game and stay true to themselves, and as you grow in hip hop so does your music. We’re on a  7 year grind, it speaks for itself.”

Best Duo in the Midwest

The Artists

The group is made of 2 artists– Prince UG and Ivan C. What makes these guys such good artists and such a good match for one another is that they come from 2 different backgrounds. Prince UG is from Uganda, part of East Africa and Ivan C comes from Chicago, Illinois–their deliveries are significantly different, somehow significantly one.  According to Ivan C, their “subject matter appeals to everyone they talk about, everyday situations that people can relate to; men, women, the suburbs and the inner city. We make music to make people feel good, that’s what we’re about.”

The best way to take my word for it is to listen to their latest mixtape Skyology 101 on their website, http:// Check out their bio, videos, photos, and of course, MUSIC. Can’t forget their YouTube. That’s where all the latest music and videos go! Check out the latest in Atlanta with the Smoker’s Club Tour on there, too!

P-IC released their debut album, “ON TYME”, in mid-March 2009. That album began their significant following. It only took one CD for people to get hooked. And then two more came out and those people became fans. “Bonged and Baked” was their first mixtape which came out in October 2009, and was hosted by DJ Scream and DJ Jay-O. Their second mixtape Skyology 101 was released in  February 2011. By far my favorite album so far has been Skyology 101. I groove to the entire album. During my workouts, you better believe it’s one of my playlists. After following them for quite some time, I can honestly say their music gets better everytime they record. Even their first few singles I remember hearing, “Shotgun Weddin” and “Spillin’ It” were more than average. They certainly know how to capture someone’s ear from beginning of the song until the end.

Make Music for the Fans 

The best part about P-IC though, is that they’re down to earth, good guys. They’re not the typical artists who just do it to get attention, they do it because they truly love the genre of hip hop. When they do make it ALL  the way, they’re going to go far with their fans because they put them first. They make music for the fans and music they can relate to. P-IC is planning to release their third mixtape featuring DJ Green Lantern, Big Krit and Smoke Dza. Be on the lookout for it! It sure to be even better than their last.

Follow Prince UG on Twitter @UGskywalkin (!/UGskywalkin) and Ivan C @ICskywalkin (!/ICskywalkin). Check ’em out on Facebook, too! Prince UG (!/UGskywalkin) and Ivan C (!/profile.php?id=603341087).