A Man Willing to Change

When a man commits to changing his  bad habits or ways for you, ladies, that’s when you know he’s a keeper. But if he doesn’t and would rather stick with the  habits than treat you like the queen you are, then what the hell are you doing with him is the question? There is a man who’s willing to change or there’s one out there that doesn’t even need to change, he’s already waiting and ready for you. Don’t keep the guys around who just want to give you the run around; say they love you but don’t show it; say they don’t talk to other women but you see it in their phone; say they’re down for you but don’t have your back when you reeaaalllyyy need it. You deserve the best, as long as you’re giving your best.

Woman In Charge

Without a doubt, no woman should ever have to put up with a man who doesn’t appreciate her. But we do. We do because we love them and because we’re scared to be alone, but I’m telling you that if you have YOU all the way together, you feel good about who you are and what you’re becoming or who you’ve become, bullshit becomes easier to see.  You get fed up with the bullshit and lies because you know your worth. You realize you are doing everything you need to be doing, but that the man is slacking because of some stuff they don’t want to talk about or because they assumed something  that wasn’t true, making you do the same thing, then you’re arguing for no reason and so on and so on….

But no man can ever take away that feeling a woman feels when she knows she’s the shit with or without that man. She’s given her all with only half ass effort in return. The love is always going to be something that’s irreplaceable because that person was special, but if the woman knows she’s not getting treated the way she should be and is giving all she possibly can, then she’s got to look out for herself. Even the man that loves her owes that to her. If he really loves her, he’ll let her go. But if he loves her enough he will change for her and always have her by his side.

Second Chances Are Worth Giving

If you give your man a second chance, he learns from his mistakes, and truly wants to do better for you, then be thankful you had one who cared enough about you and KNOWS his woman is the shit, and knows what he’s got in that relationship with her. If that goes accordingly, then it’s all rainbows and sunshine for you all.. Well, you know that’s a little far fetched, you will always have your little arguments but nothing that can’t be fixed because you realize you are both being stubborn. The little stuff isn’t such an issue anymore. And ladies, if you look at it this way, you can train them into how you want them to be, but really they’re doing the same thing to us 🙂 As long as you’re getting treated like a queen with the love you would never give up, those little fights just become funny to look back and laugh at.