Real Hip Hop

Before you go trying to create your “own” hip hop or mimic someone else’s, you should think back to what really put hip hop in our ears. It wasn’t 2Chainz, it wasn’t Lil’ Wayne, it was way before them. In the 80’s baby. Shoot, and even before that, in the 70’s is when it all began. I’m just wanting to provide you with a different outlook on hip hop right now. You sometimes think about 2Pac or Biggie being the beginning of hip hop, but do your research.

Today’s hip hop isn’t real unless it’s an independent artist or underground and that doesn’t mean that just because someone is independent or underground that they’re actually good. But that’s where the best music is these days. In Run DMC’s day, the story was completely different. Now, that mainstream shit is for the birds. I vibe to it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t write about that noise. Run DMC is now in the Rock Hall of Fame. These guys were so good at the craft that they were honored in a category that some of the most legendary musicians like Elvis and Johnny Cash were in. What an accomplishment to be included in something that ultimately seemed to have nothing to do with hip hop.