The Ultimate Promoter


I want to be like this guy when I grow up. Just starting off, Anthony is taking on a few different tasks at the same damn time. He is a host, an event planner and a promoter AKA The Ultimate Promoter, or at least that’s the nickname I gave him. It takes an extremely passionate person to promote someone else’s skills while promoting their own. Not to toot my own horn, but I should know. Not only is he good at what he does for and within hip hop, but he’s a good family man too and just a good person in general. His daughter and his girlfriend inspire him, above all.

  Overall he is a very talented and well-rounded human being just doing what makes him happy because he knows that it’ll pay off.  He’s hosted parties for Wiz Khalifa, 6 Tre G, DJ Unk, Sydney from Bad Girls Club, Webbie, Lil Wil, Lil Wyte, John Blu, Soulja’s singed artist Sodmg Goons, and many more. His story is fascinating and you better read it because you’ll know who he is soon.
Instagram: datpromodude

“When it comes to promoting, hosting, and planning events for me it hits the heart hard. Because I was raised where I really had no interaction with the world, so I felt as if the streets never knew me. But this one particular year in 2009, I was a tag-along just helping a DJ unload and pack up. As I went to these parties, something just hit me and after that I just sat back and watched how people handled their parties and events.”

“My first event that really got my feet in door was a 21 and up club called the Rhieles Brothers that had set up a meeting with me and gave me my first oppurtunity to prove myself. Their question to me was how many people do you think you can get here if we let you have the club for one night? Me being the confident person I am said anywhere from 50 to 150 people. So they gave me the building. Mind you, I only had 3 days to promote it.”

“Finally the night came and I had over 250 people in thebuilding. After that I was part owner of a teen club in the same building beside the 21 and club that I ran. It lasted for about 8 months because of some legal trouble with the whole club. As time went on though I was going to different cities setting up camp, throwing events, and even hosting events for multiple famous acts. Now I’m known in different cities and states, and I’m also in the process of starting my own entertainment group labeled: R.E.A.R (Recognize Everyone Aint Real) Entertainment.”

HYFR Flyer by Dat Promo Dude A.L

“I joined an entertainment group called Marvel-Us Ent where I tried learning how to DJ which I never got the hang of. While in the group I realized I was really passionate about it and at times felt like I was the only one putting in work. I was also told a trillion times from different people ‘we can tell this is what you love to do’. It took me too long to get where I am now so why give  up.”

“The most rewarding part of this would have to be me sticking to it as long as I have. When I first started I had difficulties but as time went on I had to adapt and learn from my mistakes. I always try to follow the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’. Not only that but after joining my entertainment group I ended up moving to Lafayette, Indiana and wanted to focus on letting people know who I was. So I ended up searching for different clubs to be able to promote, host, and plan events for. And by suprise everything was looking me up.”

Bone Crusher Flyer by Dat Promo Dude A.L

I write about a lot of people on here and this guy has been my favorite to write about so far because I want to do exactly what he’s doing: Be the ultimate promoter. Taking on these different  facets of promoting aren’t an easy job. The right person must be attached to the assignment. Since hip hop isn’t dead, or so I say, we have people like A.L who are showing us that hip hop is still very much alive.

Along with JA, @ThatBoiJA1988 (the artist I wrote about before A.L), we are being shown what real music is. If you took just a couple minutes to look over this stuff and follow what A.L does, you’ll get more followers so you can use his network and you’ll see what a real grind is all about. It’s not just about the artists in this game, the people behind the scenes are the ones that make it all come alive.

Without the help of a promoter, your music means nothing.