I stumbled upon LPK through Twitter. Imagine that. His manager Mo hit me up after checking out my blog and reached out to me about networking. That’s the beauty of networking–I live in Indianapolis and they live in South Carolina. I checked out their Savvy products and knew right then they were creating a movement people would respect. I’m writing about LPK because as an independent artist, he deserves more attention outside of SC. He may not want to be signed, but that gives us even more reason to listen to him. His music is fun, laid back, and relatable to hip hop lovers. You can chill and listen to it or put it in the car for some ridin’ music. “Cool, calm, and collected” as he says in “Take Your Time,” one of the songs off “The Rehearsal.”

LPK is currently in the middle of making hits, staying true to himself and just enjoying the moves he’s making. I respect his hustle because he has a vision that some artists can’t tap into. He said he’s focused with “becoming one with & owning into it [his music]. In the interview, he said,” I never planned on doing this but always had a thing and an ear for music. So when the opportunity presented itself I said hey, I can put words together w/ a lil twist.. Let me try it! Go to YouTube & type in Hamm Camm or go to LOUDPACKKUNTRY.com & it should speak for itself.”

Mixtape Motivation

LPK has a different outlook on his projects and how they relate to each other. He doesn’t really know where the theme of the mixtape came from, but the fact is, it came to him and now he’s sharing it with the rest of us. LPK said, “It just came to me.. It was like what I wanted to do was going to be my introduction to the world. Or like a big show in the sense, as to be in the show you have to have “The Audition” and if they like it they call you back for “The Rehearsal” and the album would be the big show.. Get it? But in between the Big Show and “The Rehearsal” you would have pt3. “The Smoke Break” Coming Soon!!! I say we compiled about 4-5 projects into a 6-8 months span, but only released the 2 so far.”

Listen to “The Rehearsal” on Datpiff now


Music With a Message

Some people rap with a message, others just rap to say shit that don’t mean anything. They just do it for fun. Whatever your reason is, the fact is you’re still making music. Usually people make music to express themselves–In whatever way that might mean to them. LPK says his music definitely has a message to it. “Indeed it does have a message. The details of a laid back individual who’s just trying to introduce the world to this Savvy and Lo Kuntry shit. We are branding & promoting ourselves by indulging in numerous activities such as event planning, photography, visual aids, CD duplication, flyer design and print, Savvy Way Apparel, Savvy Way Models, T-shirt Screen printing, websites, ect.”

Musical Influences

Musical influences inspire us to love music, first of all. The music we’ve grown up listening to will always stick with us but when it comes to creating a new kind of music, we are on our own. LPK said, “I would have to say some of my influences have been Outkast, Pimp C, UGK, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Angela Winbush, and Kilo.” Even though he’s been inspired by some legendary people, he has compiled his own creation that’s  definitely worth listening to. You’ll be hooked to the swag, sound, and flow of the tape. Let me know what you think.