Ajené tha.God

I had so many questions for Ajené about his music…. The “why did you start rapping?” type of questions all the way to the “where did the name Ajené tha.God come from?” questions. After the interview I had cold chills. Ajené means “This One Will Not Die.” Because even when he is gone, he will still be legendary.

 Ajené is a one man band but he doesn’t ride all the way solo. “Cameron Nelson who by herself is C-Squared Management,” Ajené said.”She is like super-manager. Cam is responsible for every opportunity I have — every stage my fresh toes have touched, the computer I record on, everything!”

I heard him say “spittage” or “team spittage” on a lot of his songs. I knew what it meant but wanted to hear the story behind it. “TeamSPITTAGE is everybody I deal with, it was some shit I was saying before rap,” he said. ” Certain people have some nice raps,and some niggas got SPITTAGE. U know who…Ajené is what I am called, and we are ALL Gods & Goddesses, we just forgot.”

Ajené tha.God’s Esoteric Rap Son Mixtape


Check it Before you Wreck It

Who doesn’t wonder why Mark Twain wrote, why Michael Jordan played basketball? I wondered what made Ajené want to be an artist. “I don’t know, it pursued me really. I wasn’t doing much, living with friends, doing whatever to get a few dollars,” Ajené said. “I’ve always been into music more than the above average music fan, randomly wrote throughout my life, always been a cool dude, so…..it made sense…”

You know you love that old school hip hop that takes you back to the 90’s,  that REAL music… It’s been every bit of 20 years since you’ve heard this sound. Shit, I’m assuming by now you forgot what that sounds like, so let me remind you. 

I had no clue what to expect at first. I plugged my iPod in and listened to it in the car one morning on the way to work. Honestly, I was blown away. The way Ajené plays with language, the wit he portrays and his distinct sound are just a few reasons why I’m so drawn to his music. It’s poetry to a beat. Rhymes and metaphors that only Ajené can produce.

Unique as the NMLS number I’m working toward in my mortgage career, this guy’s talent cannot go ignored. The love he has for rhythm is incorporated into his DNA. The forming of his verses seem effortless but yet so intricate. His smooth, distinct voice speaks words of young man wisdom. Not only are his verses natural but so is his talent in front of the camera. Ajené doesn’t have to elaborate on weed, sex, and  money in his raps to prove himself like every other commercial artist. It’s more than that. He’s creating an art…. an art that has been forgotten.

The Brand That is Ajené tha.God

 I automatically wondered where and why he started rapping and why he picked the type of beats he did when I heard it the first time. He said, “Nothing was truly intentional besides me rapping on beats. I just like what I like, and that’s always been different than the norm ’cause most people’s norms are coming from these bullshit media outlets, all of them. It’s even getting to satellite radio, blogs, & most shit I thought was ‘underground.'” Ajené only having started rapping a year ago, he has had plenty of time to develop the persona he wants to present to the world.

Knowing that he hasn’t rapped too long tells me even more about his skills as an artist.”I just write with the intention of saying everything I have to say in kind of a coded language but its still straight english, I guess. I want people to rewind and recognize the cleverness, the wit. Its risky, but fuck it, 99% of people are SIMPLETONS but I got to do what I like to do, fuck you…but I love you….”