Hip Hop–Alive and Rebirthing

From generation to generation, we’re seeing drastic changes come to the hip hop game. When some of us say hip hop is dead we really mean that it’s not the same as it used to be or not the same as we think it should be. The whole reason behind it is that times have changed. Point, blank, period.  That doesn’t mean hip hop is dead. Get real with yourself if you think that you hip hop hater.

Generation to Generation

Don’t Just Take my Word for It, Do Yo’ Research!


Of course, when the art of hip hop was first being created, it was at its best. It started in 1970.  Look how long ago that was and how much our world has changed since then! So, hip hop’s dead because times have changed? I think not. Not only has it changed significantly from then ’til now, but think about what it will be in 42 more years. Shit, you already know this world is getting worse as it is. The shock factor of hip hop lyrics will only get more shocking. Plus, politics have tightened up since the 1970’s so that will always cause a generational change.

Some people believe that after Biggie and 2Pac died, that hip hop was dead. And a little bit of it did die. I mean really, where would hip hop be today had they not passed? It WOULD be different, but to dwell on that gets us and hip hop nowhere. Any artist we lose, we lose a little bit of hip hop, but that’s why the new artists are adding a little bit of their own flavor to the game.


Pac and Biggie

 Hip hop, at the beginning of its creation, was at it’s best because the lyrics were more intricate, those artists were more skillful with language and playing with words and metaphors. Not saying there aren’t artists doing the same today because they definitely are, but they’re harder to find. You still have people like Common, Nas, Kanye, J. Cole, Wale, B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco who are lyrically killin’ some of these others rappers out here.

In early hip hop, artists didn’t have to talk about p***y and h**s to the extreme we talk about it today but again that’s a generational change. They were able to do it in a more classy way, if they did. Watch out for more changes to the game. They’re coming but it doesn’t mean hip hop isn’t alive!!!

Lil Wayne

A local artist I know in Indy is killin’ all of the newest rappers! Ajene tha. God. I wrote about him on here as well. He sounds like he came straight out of the 90’s. His wit, play with language and words, and his brand is impeccable. He hasn’t been doing it long either and is still killin’ everyone in the game right now. He may think I’m giving him too much credit, but it’s no joke.

Here, listen for yourself http://ajenethagod.bandcamp.com/.