Tattoo Muzik

If anyone coins the motto I use, “pursue many interests,” it’s Amani Tre Niner. The guy is a guru at just about everything he does. He’s a car fanatic, tattoo artist, musician, and on top of all of that, a single father doing a damn good job at every aspect of his life.

This interview will give you some insight into not only the artist he is, but the genuinely good person that he is. He is humble but confident about his talent and is solely pursuing these interests because they make him happy and people like the results. He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met and the talents he possesses are multiple but plentiful. “Tattoo Muzik” doesn’t just go well together because Amani is a rapper and tattoo artist, but because his music will remain permanent like a tattoo because he’s genuine about who he is and what he does.

“I literally am on my own and am building this by myself.  So, others that want to do it know that they don’t have to run and join a team or label.”

“Being a tattoo artist or rapper, were never a “dream” for me. They were just things that I tried and came seemingly easy. Also I am my own ambition,” said Amani. “I chose to tattoo because my appreciation of art could never be completely understood or as widely spectated if only on canvas or paper. So, I chose to take it upon myself to research and learn the craft of tattoo and have been aiming to master it ever since , as for muzik, I LOVE certain aspects of every genre and aim to create music for everyone because of my respect for them.”

Being able to master two skills such as these is truly amazing. Sometimes it takes someone years just to figure out one thing that they’re good at or they only master the one thing they’re good at, but when you’re hungry, you’ll do it all! It takes persistence and commitment, really that’s it. Clearly Amani has his shit figured out. He’s the CEO of what he’s doing and because of that, he’s going to the top.

“Marketing and branding are two things I am working to master, but as for now, I am branding myself as a tattoo artist and promoting my muzik through it,” Amani said. “#TeamTreNiner is something that came by way of a few clients, friends and fans that genuinely enjoy my muzik, tattoos, and personality. So working on that and the mixtape set to release Aug. 1st and is titled “Tattoo Muzik.”

I began rappin’ in 04′ at some rap battles hosted by Dj Topspeed at small under 21 club called “J2.” Years later, with the advise of a good friend Don V, I began writing and working on the mixtape, Fast Forward. Here we are today working with DJ Holiday. In 5 years I don’t expect or aspire to do anything but whatever comes my way. Plans are made to be broken and expectation is a gate ways to disappointment so I just follow the guidance and play my position, that’s truthfully how I live my entire life.”