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The Deeper the Music…

The More You Put Your Feelings Into Your Music…The Better

Just because I’m a “blogger” doesn’t mean that I’m just that. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing last year. I never knew what I wanted to do with my degree and didn’t really even know if I’d use the writing at all. I learned so much more about myself and about the world while in college that I didn’t care what I took from the writing part. That thought was short lived, though, because I’m writing more than I ever thought I would. In reality, I learned more from being a writer and being in tune with myself and my feelings. Hell, I didn’t even want to have a blog website, now look at me.

It doesn’t matter what or who you write about, you write because you’re inspired by one thing/person or another. You make music for that reason as well.

The moral to my message is like the quote says, “When the pain penetrates, the music resonates”–You are typically inspired by pain, either to write or to make music. Our inner feelings and inner voice speak to us louder than any human being. The deeper the music, the more someone will remember/feel/share your pain. It’s the substance of what you’re saying that gets recognized. When you share your story, others relate to that, even if they’re not the same. I’m much more drawn to music that speaks to me rather than all that booty shakin’ shit. I love that stuff, too, don’t get me wrong but there’s a time and a place for it like in the club or if you need something upbeat to put you in a good mood.

Write with meaning, that’s how you’ll be remembered when you leave this earth.

Richie P the Producer

Richie P the Producer


“To be honest, from the time I was a child I fell in love with rhythms and melodies.  I just always loved the way the music blended together to create harmony. I think initially, producing music began as a coping mechanism to deal with household/family/environmental issues, when I was about 13 years old. I had been competing in freestyle “cyphers” in my middle school and high school where groups of people would gather around the lunch tables & such, and I would tap out beats using whatever I could get my hands on: pens, pencils, coins, bottle caps, etc. A friend introduced me to a keyboard equipped with an 808 kit when I was about 14–that was all it took.”

I met Richie P through Ajene tha.God and his manager Cameron Nelson of Csquared Management. Richie produces a lot of Ajene’s magical spittage. He has a love for hip hop and a love for hustlin’ that cannot go ignored. He never stops. When I think about all that I’m doing and how hard it is sometimes, I just think about the people around me who are doing just as much. My hustle is significant but theirs sometimes blows mine out of the water. Someone who is multi-talented clearly intrigues me to death aka the reason I’m writing about Richie P.

Richie P the Producer

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that no one can push me like I can push myself. As with anything creative, being productive can’t be forced, it has to be inspired and flow naturally. At the same time, when I find myself facing a “creative block,” I reflect back on how much I have grown emotionally and musically/creatively over the years, and use that to remind myself that I have made significant progression from year to year.”

Richie P says it best–No one else can pursue a dream for him. You can’t be in this industry without putting your all into it. Music is not something you can do half-ass. Even when you have a part time or full time job on the side, your hip hop (music) passion must get as much attention as your paid work. That means it’s a full-time grind! Without God, we wouldn’t be able to do any of this. And Richie certainly addresses that himself.

“In addition to that, I rely on God and prayer, to keep me grounded and focused in the right direction. I think one of the most important things to remember when pursuing your dreams, is that, you do NOT need anyone else’s validation.”  

Richie P the Producer

“As far as hiphop goes: on the production side of the things….Warren G, he was so ahead of his time, Dr. Dre, Kanye, DJ Premier, Alchemist, 9thWonder. Then as far as artists: Twista, Bone-thugs-N-Harmony, Lupe, Fiasco, Nas , and Outkast. I was definitely inspired by the golden era, aside from the beats, I was always drawn to a lot of artists with substance. I try to put a lot of substance and texture into my beats as well.”

All of us who enjoy music have specific musical interests and influences. Mine would have to be Mariah Carey to start off with. I don’t want to be an artist and even if I did, I could never be her, but as a 3 year old I was listening to her. I got mad when my mom turned off the song “Vision of Love”. I guess I was also a Van Halen fan, so I was told. My sister danced around to AC/DC “Thunderstruck”. Our influences come from so many places and we then merge to be the promoters/producers/mangers of hip hop.

“Well, anybody close to me can vouch for me that I have ALWAYS had a side hustle(s) since I was a kid. I never put all my eggs in one basket. Right now, I keep a steady job to pay the bills, am a full-time graduate student, produce instrumentals, mix, master, record/engineer, DJ, do photography, and do video production as well…..(takes deep breath). I definitely get my work ethic from my mother.”

For inquires regarding instrumentals, mixing/mastering, DJing/Mixtape Hosting/Slowing & Chopping, photos, videos send email to:

Twitter: @ProducerRichieP
Instagram: ProducerRichieP

Richie P TheProducer Official Instrumental Page

Production Credits:
“My B—H” and “Bond” from Riddles/Denzel Bond “Dangerous”

“Dangerous” –Riddles/Denzel Bond, Slowed and Chopped by Richie P TheProducer.

“Esoteric Rap Son”-Ajene tha God, mixed/mastered/chopped by Richie P TheProducer.

“Boom Baby”-Ajene tha God, produced by Richie P TheProducer

“Cristiano Ronaldo (Patience)”-Ajene tha God, produced by Richie P TheProducer

Hip Hop Saved My Life

The quote I’ve based this post off of doesn’t mean life isn’t about finding yourself because it sort of is. It obviously depends on the life you were born into sometimes but for the most part, we do search for ourselves as we grow. We must figure out what we want to do for a living, for example, and a lot of times we feel like our careers define who we are. I know the career I land in hip hop will be my life and hip hop already defines who I am, even if you don’t see it. But I’ve created the life I live now which is why “Life is about creating yourself.” I’ve always known I was meant to be a part of hip hop somehow but never knew in what way that was supposed to be. Instead, I just let it find me.

Create You

I came from a country little town in Indiana called Madison. I was wearing Jordans, fitted hats, and jersey dresses. Boy, did I stand out. I have always listened to hip hop or R&B because it spoke to me. I related to what it was saying because for young people, it’s a way for us to cope and relate with other people that are similar to us. Music being the way our society talks to us, we need to know what the real message is. Hip hop is not just a genre of music, it’s a movement and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Every generation knows and will know hip hop. They will come to love it, like my followers and I do.  I wrote about the culture of hip hop here and how it’s impacting our lives now. Check it out and tell me what you think!

I owe my life to hip hop because it gave itself to me.

Hip Hop Saved My Life

The Ultimate Promoter


I want to be like this guy when I grow up. Just starting off, Anthony is taking on a few different tasks at the same damn time. He is a host, an event planner and a promoter AKA The Ultimate Promoter, or at least that’s the nickname I gave him. It takes an extremely passionate person to promote someone else’s skills while promoting their own. Not to toot my own horn, but I should know. Not only is he good at what he does for and within hip hop, but he’s a good family man too and just a good person in general. His daughter and his girlfriend inspire him, above all.

  Overall he is a very talented and well-rounded human being just doing what makes him happy because he knows that it’ll pay off.  He’s hosted parties for Wiz Khalifa, 6 Tre G, DJ Unk, Sydney from Bad Girls Club, Webbie, Lil Wil, Lil Wyte, John Blu, Soulja’s singed artist Sodmg Goons, and many more. His story is fascinating and you better read it because you’ll know who he is soon.
Instagram: datpromodude

“When it comes to promoting, hosting, and planning events for me it hits the heart hard. Because I was raised where I really had no interaction with the world, so I felt as if the streets never knew me. But this one particular year in 2009, I was a tag-along just helping a DJ unload and pack up. As I went to these parties, something just hit me and after that I just sat back and watched how people handled their parties and events.”

“My first event that really got my feet in door was a 21 and up club called the Rhieles Brothers that had set up a meeting with me and gave me my first oppurtunity to prove myself. Their question to me was how many people do you think you can get here if we let you have the club for one night? Me being the confident person I am said anywhere from 50 to 150 people. So they gave me the building. Mind you, I only had 3 days to promote it.”

“Finally the night came and I had over 250 people in thebuilding. After that I was part owner of a teen club in the same building beside the 21 and club that I ran. It lasted for about 8 months because of some legal trouble with the whole club. As time went on though I was going to different cities setting up camp, throwing events, and even hosting events for multiple famous acts. Now I’m known in different cities and states, and I’m also in the process of starting my own entertainment group labeled: R.E.A.R (Recognize Everyone Aint Real) Entertainment.”

HYFR Flyer by Dat Promo Dude A.L

“I joined an entertainment group called Marvel-Us Ent where I tried learning how to DJ which I never got the hang of. While in the group I realized I was really passionate about it and at times felt like I was the only one putting in work. I was also told a trillion times from different people ‘we can tell this is what you love to do’. It took me too long to get where I am now so why give  up.”

“The most rewarding part of this would have to be me sticking to it as long as I have. When I first started I had difficulties but as time went on I had to adapt and learn from my mistakes. I always try to follow the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’. Not only that but after joining my entertainment group I ended up moving to Lafayette, Indiana and wanted to focus on letting people know who I was. So I ended up searching for different clubs to be able to promote, host, and plan events for. And by suprise everything was looking me up.”

Bone Crusher Flyer by Dat Promo Dude A.L

I write about a lot of people on here and this guy has been my favorite to write about so far because I want to do exactly what he’s doing: Be the ultimate promoter. Taking on these different  facets of promoting aren’t an easy job. The right person must be attached to the assignment. Since hip hop isn’t dead, or so I say, we have people like A.L who are showing us that hip hop is still very much alive.

Along with JA, @ThatBoiJA1988 (the artist I wrote about before A.L), we are being shown what real music is. If you took just a couple minutes to look over this stuff and follow what A.L does, you’ll get more followers so you can use his network and you’ll see what a real grind is all about. It’s not just about the artists in this game, the people behind the scenes are the ones that make it all come alive.

Without the help of a promoter, your music means nothing.

Tattoo Muzik

If anyone coins the motto I use, “pursue many interests,” it’s Amani Tre Niner. The guy is a guru at just about everything he does. He’s a car fanatic, tattoo artist, musician, and on top of all of that, a single father doing a damn good job at every aspect of his life.

This interview will give you some insight into not only the artist he is, but the genuinely good person that he is. He is humble but confident about his talent and is solely pursuing these interests because they make him happy and people like the results. He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met and the talents he possesses are multiple but plentiful. “Tattoo Muzik” doesn’t just go well together because Amani is a rapper and tattoo artist, but because his music will remain permanent like a tattoo because he’s genuine about who he is and what he does.

“I literally am on my own and am building this by myself.  So, others that want to do it know that they don’t have to run and join a team or label.”

“Being a tattoo artist or rapper, were never a “dream” for me. They were just things that I tried and came seemingly easy. Also I am my own ambition,” said Amani. “I chose to tattoo because my appreciation of art could never be completely understood or as widely spectated if only on canvas or paper. So, I chose to take it upon myself to research and learn the craft of tattoo and have been aiming to master it ever since , as for muzik, I LOVE certain aspects of every genre and aim to create music for everyone because of my respect for them.”

Being able to master two skills such as these is truly amazing. Sometimes it takes someone years just to figure out one thing that they’re good at or they only master the one thing they’re good at, but when you’re hungry, you’ll do it all! It takes persistence and commitment, really that’s it. Clearly Amani has his shit figured out. He’s the CEO of what he’s doing and because of that, he’s going to the top.

“Marketing and branding are two things I am working to master, but as for now, I am branding myself as a tattoo artist and promoting my muzik through it,” Amani said. “#TeamTreNiner is something that came by way of a few clients, friends and fans that genuinely enjoy my muzik, tattoos, and personality. So working on that and the mixtape set to release Aug. 1st and is titled “Tattoo Muzik.”

I began rappin’ in 04′ at some rap battles hosted by Dj Topspeed at small under 21 club called “J2.” Years later, with the advise of a good friend Don V, I began writing and working on the mixtape, Fast Forward. Here we are today working with DJ Holiday. In 5 years I don’t expect or aspire to do anything but whatever comes my way. Plans are made to be broken and expectation is a gate ways to disappointment so I just follow the guidance and play my position, that’s truthfully how I live my entire life.”

Hip Hop Isn’t Just a Genre of Music….

Culture brings people together. Music brings people together and music is culture. When we have art of any kind, we get through the monotony of life. Sometimes we need that escape. Anything else we can zone into besides the routine of our everyday lives, keeps up going and it keeps us positive about the future. We have to fulfill our lives in other ways besides work and relationships. Music, painting and poetry are just a few examples of the art that, in a sense, saves our lives when nothing else seems to be going right. 

Hip hop is so incorporated into our American culture, you cannot deny the impact it has on this generation, and not to mention the generations before us. From the clothes we wear, to the music we listen to, to the language we speak, hip hop is all around us. It’ become s so engraved in our sociey that most of us don’t even pay attention to it or even know it’s there. And maybe I’m going out on a limb here but I think that interracial relationships have become more common over the years because of the culture as well.

H2C2–Read up on it yourself!

Real Hip Hop Culture

In Harlem,  the Hip Hop Culture Center provides a visual description of the importance of the hip hop culture in America. The exhibit was developed to educate the youth about the culture and how it came to be. There’s a lot more to the culture than the music. Hip hop began in the 70’s so there’s a built up history that we need to teach the newer generation. The hip hop some of you are thinking of shouldn’t include children, but I’m not talking about the words or ideas (curses or sexual references) you hear in hip hop music because I know there are narrow minds out there and I know what you’re thinking. It’s about creative expression, however, according to H2C2’s website, and I couldn’t say that any different myself. It’s about teaching the youth about how we got to be where we are today and where we are going with the culture.

Emotionally Contagious?

I Don’t Want Your Attitude!

Do you really want to be responsible for someone else’s bad mood? It’s hard enough to keep your own mood in check. But little do you know, some people really have emotionally contagious attitudes. It means that when they’re in a good mood, they can put everyone around them in a good mood too. Clearly when they’re in a bad mood, the bad mood rubs off. I work in an close-knit office where everyone feeds off of each other’s energy. If one person is frustrated, it trickles down to the rest of us. It’s part of business and it’s part of life, but how you deal with it says more about your character than anything.

Your Attitude is Contagious


Send Out Positivity

It’s easy to let bad moods or bad energy from other people get you down. It’s easier to frown, sometimes, than it is to smile. But you stand out much more if you stay uplifted and positive for the people around you. People and relationships are what keeps the world going and what keeps it happy. The next time someone tries to bring you down, pull them up with you! Bring ’em to your level!

 Loud Pack

Interview with Peter Haze and A.W. The Prezident

Anything that makes me nod my head is worth a listen to the lyrics. I listen to my music extra loud, always have. Shit, I’m actually about to get a system in the car so I can take my loudness with me. So I listened to these guys, chilled with them in the studio, and immediately got inspired by their grind. Needless to say, everything in that studio was loud. The sound in that mug can’t even be described–you just have to hear it.  And that’s not the only loud I’m talking about. That’s why they call ’em the Loud Pack.

Loud Pack

I took the time to get to know what inspired them to rap. They are in the early stages of making their brand known to the world, and their work ethic is phenomenal.  They don’t just sit around hoping to get a deal. They’re young and humble with big dreams. They believe in each other and themselves so they’ll make it. They work for a living too. That says a lot about their work ethic right there.

A.W. The Prezident


“I AM THE PREZIDENT, that’s my brand. I’m branding myself like that because, one, I obviously look like him, and I’m just a young black man trying to make it where they say I can’t. Just like the real Obama did. I’m not super ghetto and I’m not covered in tattoos and I don’t adopt swag. That’s what the Prezident stands for.”

A.W. The Prezident

“When I was like 12, I didn’t have the most privileged life living in California and at one point lived in a church where I learned to play piano. I even started makin beats but then I stopped. Right before my father died he bought me a keyboard and after he died that’s when I said I was gonna make it in music.”

“Back when I lived in Cali I used to play the piano and make beats but all my homies rapped. Then one day they said I should start freestyling with them. I was about 15 then. In 5 years I hope to have a deal by then. I wanna be selling records and be on tours and doing shows and videos within five years. Shit, in five years I’ll be 30 so it’s crunch time!”

“I’m just promoting myself however I can whether it be online, in person or at clubs and stuff. I’ve even made t-shirts that have my twitter tag and logo on them. Right now I represent me cuz ain’t nobody gonna do it for me. Ya know?”

Peter Haze


“Really I’m just your average-everyday guy trying to make it doin’ what I love. I don’t know if I fit a ‘brand’ really. You might hear some lyrics that touch on social issues, you might hear some hood shit, you might hear some player shit. Just know that it’ll be brought to you in a way that will get your head nodding and your mind thinking.”

A.W. The Prezident and Peter Haze

“I first picked up a pen and put it to the paper about two years ago. In five years, I just want to be making a living making this music. I’ve always been a fan of hip hop/rap and I just didn’t like a lot of what was coming out and literally said ‘I can do better than this shit’ so I recorded four songs on my phone, played them for four or five people and they all said three out of the four songs were good. I figured was a good ratio so I kept  fuckin with it”

“Icon at City Dump Records (@citydumprecords) is a monster! It’s like he knows how I want it to sound without me telling him. I just let him do his thing and chime in on little tweaks. The first song I recorded with him was “Skitzo”. I almost shed a tear because it was the first time I actually heard what was in my head blastin’ through the studio. It was pretty much a milestone for me and I’ve been goin hard in the studio ever since.”

Nap Town’s Own City Dump Records

“It depends on the beat. I’ve found that I write songs depending on the mood the beat puts me in. That’s how you get songs like “Ridin”. I put the beat on repeat, light a blunt, close my eyes and picture myself ridin through the city at night, then I get songs like the track title, ‘Behind the Smoke Screen’ where I just had some real shit to get off my chest and it came spilling through the pen.”

Loud Pack Life

Confidence Will Take You a Long Way

It honestly depends on what your parents instilled in you as a child. I’m the first of my family to leave the nest and get a four-year degree. I was my biggest doubter until I realized I was getting to college all by myself. However, it affected my confidence. I felt like I was alone in this world because only I really knew what I was doing. Confidence was also a problem because of occurences in my childhood, but we won’t go there. I had no financial help or any other assistance/support except for the love of my family and that’s all I needed.

That made me a little more confident to know I could do it all on my own. Applied to colleges, set up campus visits, filled out my own FAFSA every year, bought my books. You name it, I did it all by myself.  But you have no idea how shy and unaware of what I was capable of as a woman even just a year ago. I now live under my own motto of, “I don’t know what I’m capable of until I prove it to myself.”

Shy to Sure

I never thought in a million years that I would ever have the balls to actually be a server. As I said earlier, I was always a very shy girl. But only if you didn’t know me. When I became a good server, I put one more accomplishment on my list. Small victories to you, but huge hurdles to me.

My Small Victories

I’ve been working with a financial institution for four months now and since the day I started I’ve been studying for one mortgage test or another. Definitely no prior experience so I failed the first national mortgage exam because I wasn’t prepared enough. But I kept pushing, kept studying. The second time I was supposed to take it, I had lost my license the weekend before it.  No way I was getting in there without an ID because it’s a national testing site. Second time I took the test I passed! The blood, sweat and tears I put into that studying finally paid off and you better believe that was one of my small victories. The words I put on this blog can’t explain the hard work I put in nor can they explain the weight that came off my shoulders when I passed it. Literally. Besides graduating, this had been the next big accomplishment to prove to myself because it was the hardest test I ever took.

I am currently studying for the Indiana State Mortgage test so that I can sell mortgages in Indiana. When I pass that one, I’m on my way to testing for Michigan. Needless to say not much of a social life  for me.  But I sucked it up and put the time in and FREAKIN’ DID IT! And it was all worth it. I will soon be a loan officer– and since I was never good with numbers, this is a big step in a different direction for me and I WILL be good with these numbers.

Pursue many interests is another motto I live by! As you can see. If one door closes, another one gives you the confidence to keep going after your dream! Whatever that dream may be.

Hip Hop

I’m also working with some local artists by writing about them on this website, visiting them in the studio, and listening to their music so that I can help promote them and their music. I would eventually like to be a manager and boy do I have plans for Peter Haze and AW ThePrezident, who are great local talent that currently have no one managing them. You’ll know who they are soon. I’m in the middle of writing a post on them right now actually. Also another person has reached out to me as well about managing another group of artists here as well. I wish I had the money to manage these people how I’d like. But for now, I’m going to help them get where they need to be by using my knowledge, vision, and resources of the game.

Bottom Line is You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To, And That’s Real! Put Your Hater Shades On and Show Everyone You CAN Do It!

Tomorrow is a New Day

New Day, New Attitude

Yesterday seemed like one of the worst days just crept up on me. It wasn’t necessarily that any one person messed up my attitude but more like 1 person: Myself! I focused on all of the bad energy in my life yesterday, fed off of it like a mut, and it ruined my day. It ruined my attitude which in turn ruined every aspect of my being. But that was only yesterday. I know in my heart that tomorrow is a new day no matter what the prior day brings.

You Get What You Give Out

Some days just give you more grief than others. It seems to all build up in one day, you lose faith, and allow your day to be shot all to hell. Only if you let it. And boy, did I let it get the best of me yesterday. It depends on how you let it get you down and how well you bounce back. If you dwell in the negativity, your life will continue to bring you negative energy.

My Need for a New Day

I came into work with no drive yesterday, I hardly cracked a smile and I rode home with no music on. That’s when you know I’ve had a bad day! It just seemed like everything was crashing down on my shoulders, but in reality I was just letting it appear that way. It’s all about what you do with what you’re given! Take your life day by day, even when you’re preparing for the future. Tomorrow really is a new day.