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I stumbled upon LPK through Twitter. Imagine that. His manager Mo hit me up after checking out my blog and reached out to me about networking. That’s the beauty of networking–I live in Indianapolis and they live in South Carolina. I checked out their Savvy products and knew right then they were creating a movement people would respect. I’m writing about LPK because as an independent artist, he deserves more attention outside of SC. He may not want to be signed, but that gives us even more reason to listen to him. His music is fun, laid back, and relatable to hip hop lovers. You can chill and listen to it or put it in the car for some ridin’ music. “Cool, calm, and collected” as he says in “Take Your Time,” one of the songs off “The Rehearsal.”

LPK is currently in the middle of making hits, staying true to himself and just enjoying the moves he’s making. I respect his hustle because he has a vision that some artists can’t tap into. He said he’s focused with “becoming one with & owning into it [his music]. In the interview, he said,” I never planned on doing this but always had a thing and an ear for music. So when the opportunity presented itself I said hey, I can put words together w/ a lil twist.. Let me try it! Go to YouTube & type in Hamm Camm or go to & it should speak for itself.”

Mixtape Motivation

LPK has a different outlook on his projects and how they relate to each other. He doesn’t really know where the theme of the mixtape came from, but the fact is, it came to him and now he’s sharing it with the rest of us. LPK said, “It just came to me.. It was like what I wanted to do was going to be my introduction to the world. Or like a big show in the sense, as to be in the show you have to have “The Audition” and if they like it they call you back for “The Rehearsal” and the album would be the big show.. Get it? But in between the Big Show and “The Rehearsal” you would have pt3. “The Smoke Break” Coming Soon!!! I say we compiled about 4-5 projects into a 6-8 months span, but only released the 2 so far.”

Listen to “The Rehearsal” on Datpiff now

Music With a Message

Some people rap with a message, others just rap to say shit that don’t mean anything. They just do it for fun. Whatever your reason is, the fact is you’re still making music. Usually people make music to express themselves–In whatever way that might mean to them. LPK says his music definitely has a message to it. “Indeed it does have a message. The details of a laid back individual who’s just trying to introduce the world to this Savvy and Lo Kuntry shit. We are branding & promoting ourselves by indulging in numerous activities such as event planning, photography, visual aids, CD duplication, flyer design and print, Savvy Way Apparel, Savvy Way Models, T-shirt Screen printing, websites, ect.”

Musical Influences

Musical influences inspire us to love music, first of all. The music we’ve grown up listening to will always stick with us but when it comes to creating a new kind of music, we are on our own. LPK said, “I would have to say some of my influences have been Outkast, Pimp C, UGK, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Angela Winbush, and Kilo.” Even though he’s been inspired by some legendary people, he has compiled his own creation that’s  definitely worth listening to. You’ll be hooked to the swag, sound, and flow of the tape. Let me know what you think.

Capital Dubz


Coming to you all the way from Virginia, Capital Dubz is in the middle of completing his first mixtape “Capitalizing Opportunity.” He has a different outlook on life than a lot of people and it comes out in his music. You wouldn’t even think he was as young as he is until he tells you. He’s been through hell and back like a few of us. Others’ stories have inspired him to do better and make a name for himself. Dubz has an interesting perspective on money and what it does and can do for him. He says it best himself…

“I’ve lost too many youngins’ in this world, and the other half are on probation. I just feel obligated to prove that Capital can be obtained in several ways. I am currently putting together a team, and am working on producing “Capital” t-shirts, money runs my world! So stay tuned and stay posted.”

The Drive Artwork

 Listen to The Drive ft The Weekend

He’s only 17 but has the mindset of a 30 year old. He’s been recording for a while and has been writing even longer. Taking the time to develop his brand so that one day we can see him on T.V. Dubz said, “I have been writing since I was 8… But honestly, I’ve been recording since the age of 13. I aspire to be the first everything. In the next five years you will see me on the television! On my life.”

When I write lyrics for some reason, I just write the words. I never write to a beat, I never say them out loud, I just write. That’s obviously because my blog comes first and so do the artists I write about and represent. I write lyrics because I have a writing background and it helps me better understand the art. Capital Dubz on the other hand is first inspired by a beat before he writes. Since he is a true rapper, hearing the beat first creates gives him a better idea of how he should write. He said, “When I write I always pick the beat first, and the beat speaks to me so I always tend to write based off of pure emotion.”


Dubz says just starting off, “I currently have no form of management whatsoever but I am always open to new ideas and offers.” As he develops more projects, videos and photo shoots, there will be people intersted in representing him. He is always working–whether that be at his part-time job or his hip hop grind. Up early everyday ready to live life and get to work.

Be on the lookout for Capital Dubz’ new projects! Check out his soundcloud, too!

Amani Tre Niner’s Tattoo Muzik Hosted by DJ Holiday

Click the photo or the link below to catch the drop of Tattoo Muzik by Amani Tre Niner! But if you want a copy of it now, I have enough to pass around. But Amani, his crew, and myself would appreciate if you help us promote the mixtape, not just take a CD to look at. DJ Holiday hosted the mixtape so s/0 @Djholiday and @Hot963. Call/tweet Hot 96.3  to request “In Da Summa” by Amani Tre Niner… NOW!

The Trio Troubled Youth

@Zakk_lo @Piff_God @SpaidDaDon

Humble but confident about their abilities. Local but their music has a national appeal. Those two qualities in themselves will take them farther than most. That’s not even mentioning the representation they have backing them. Dre Wills is the owner of Immaculate 2020 which is a record label based in Atlanta, Georgia. Be on the lookout for the article about Wills himself sometime next week. You’d think Troubled Youth just started spittin’, but it’s the opposite actually.

“We’ve been rapping since our freshman year of high school, but we formed the group in 2009 after making the song “Naptown Music” over some random beat we found on the net. In 5 years, I plan to be making a steady income off of making music, whether underground or mainstream who knows,” said Zakk Lo.

Zakk Lo and Don Piff

Troubled Youth has a huge advantage over a lot of local talent because they are not even 21 yet, but straight killin’ it. Zakk Lo said,“We are trying to make a name for ourselves by not just making songs for Indianapolis but trying to make songs that will have national or global appeal.” As part of Team Spittage, they are coming up with a distinct sound.  Their complex but simple bars will have you stunned. “We aren’t trying to get stuck in the box of ‘wack’ Indianapolis rappers, we are trying to stand out as something different,” said Zakk Lo.

Between the three of them, Dre Wills, and Ajene tha.God who you’ll hear on some tracks, these guys are blowin’ up. The beats they inherit along with their way of blessing the beat, the talent can’t be denied. These old souls won’t be local too long, though. Watch and see. Humble Don Piff said, “As long as one person likes what I put out and actually appreciates it for what it is, then I’m satisfied. In five years I hope to be alive, because tomorrow isn’t promised, but I wanna make a way with my music.

They capture the life of this generation of young people so well in the bars of every song. You can’t help but bob your head to the beat with them. “Sometimes we’ll be in the studio and Dre sends a beat and we come up with a concept and bless the beat,” Zakk Lo said. “Other times we might be just chillin listening to other music and an idea will spark and we’ll jot it down.”

According to Zakk Lo, “We decided to pursue this dream after hearing classic albums like Illmatic, It was Written, Ready to Die, Reasonable Doubt, the Infamous, etc. We wanted to make our own classics. Dre Wills provided us with a blueprint of how to record and write and we just ran with it.”


The Soulful Jay Jones

Presenting Jay Jones


You’ve probably seen him out downtown most likely playing his favorite instrument, the piano, at Howl at the Moon. If you’ve been to Howl, you know just how much talent it takes to master singing and playing the piano at the same time.  Howl at the Moon is a piano bar that takes requests from the drunkards in the audience. Jay then has to play whatever song they choose. With the different requests he gets, he and the band can improvise any song at any given time. The requests can be anywhere from The Eagles to Tim McGraw to Micheal Jackson or even Lil’ John. You can only imagine the range of music he can play just based on that.

Jay Jones playing the piano

Born Into Music

“I got my influence from my brother, as a kid my family was full of musicians and athletes. My older brother Devon played drums and would practice for hours with head phones on in my grandmother’s basement. He has toured since he was 17, you name the state or country, he has been there. My uncle played keyboard at Notre Dame in the 80’s, and my other uncle played bass and lead guitar.”

He told me when he was 7 years old there were all kinds of musical instruments in the basement at his grandma’s. When the adults left, they told Jay not to touch a thing. Do you think he listened?

Jay now makes a living performing at places such at Howl at the Moon in Indianapolis, and most recently The Penguin in Lexington, Kentucky which is also a piano bar with the same set up as Howl. After going with him last weekend to KY as his manager, I learned a lot more about Jay that I hadn’t known. I knew he was talented and did this for money. I was even aware of how significant his fan base already is. The thing I wasn’t aware of was just how talented he truly is. He can play the guitar, drums, the piano, writes songs, makes beats and occasionally plays the organ! Who does that? Jay Jones! He has

also performed at the CMA Music Awards.. Do your research, yeah that’s country.

Jay Jones playing the drums


Musical Influences–Besides the Fam

“Call me crazy, but I like to listen to Sly and the Family Stone, Jay-Z’s old stuff, The Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, that band that sang More than Words. I listen to all kinds of stuff. Tim McGraw got some good stuff, that Bar-B-Que stain song, John Mayer, Young lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lenny Kravitz, Steely Dan..”

His musical influences are many which is why he makes different music– for different people and for different feelings. During an interview on Tuesday on with Daniel Bradshaw and his crew, he told everyone he grew up with a wide range of music and mostly owes that to his older brother, Devon Jones. Because the family instilled such a desire for music in Jay, he takes on the sound of a soulful musician everytime he steps to the mic or the piano–Or both.

Jay Jones playing the guitar

“I would like to win an award like a BET, Grammy, MTV, CMA, and take one of those girls you see in the Drake and Trey Songs videos on a date.. lol or one of the nice young ladies off the Bad Girls Club. Lamon Brewster is a great friend of the family. His cousin Jo Jo and I are really good friends. Lamon is the former heavy weight champion of the world and also a great music producer. I wanted some of fans to be on the look out for the collaboration. Stay tuned to the tracks coming soon!

John Overton–True to the Music


“Being white and from suburban America, I never believed there was a place for me in the genre until I heard Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP. I remember ripping a copy of my best friend’s older sister’s CD on a cassette tape (I didn’t have a burner at the time) and just playing it constantly. From that point on, I just dove in as a fan. I knew every artist, every song. Then one day in middle school, I remember thinking to myself, “I could do this.”

John Overton with Rick Ross

“I started writing immediately. Here was this person who looked just like me and who came up right here in the Midwest just controlling the art form at that level. In today’s game, you’ve still got cats from the Midwest like Asher Roth, Mike Posner, Mac Miller, and Machine Gun Kelly, who still make it real to me…the idea of being able to pursue it to that point of success being who I am and where I’m from. Of course, I write hip hop because it is my means of self-expression…but pursuing it as an actual career has been inspired by those I’ve mentioned and many others.”

He sings, raps, and even does the business side of his music. It takes a versatile person to do all of those things while still carrying a day job. He knows that no one is going to do it for him and no one is going to discover him if he’s not putting in the work. The guy has a drive for the music industry and for his own passion that it’s hard to keep up with his next move. When he gets off work from his day job, he grinds til he goes to sleep on networking, researching and overall working on the bigger picture of his music–being mainstream. He said, “there are different mindsets in hip hop, but I am here to be mainstream. I am here to have my music heard by as many people as I can. Those are tall goals, but why reach for less than that?” He has the mentality that if he’s going to do it, he’s doing it big. One of the artists he looks up to the most is Eminem.

John Overton

A certain beat can change someone’s whole mood or emotion. Anytime I’m in a bad mood and a good hip hop song comes on, you’d think I was bi polar the way it turns my good mood switch on. The beat, the lyrics, and the artist is what ultimately sells the song. By making  it relatable and something to vibe to, people will flock to your music. The beat is one of the final touches to a song so an artist usually has to hear the beat first beforevthey write their verse, hook, or full song.

“My best songs usually come from just going with it. I will listen to a beat, it will bring out an emotion in me, and I will just write according to that emotion. There are definitely songs that I, or Kut and myself, will concept out before or during writing them though. I usually am always there with Kut during production, so it’s cool to be able to help craft that part of the experience for the listener too.”

Sky High Album Cover

John’s Brand

With no brand, you get no looks. Without you promoting and selling yourself, you as a so-called artist, don’t exist. You’re just another person trying to be a rapper. Some artists’ brands are very simple; some are extravagant. John Overton has nothing else to prove but his love for music and wants to share that with everyone. The guy is different than your average hip hop artist. He knows he has skills, but has no reason to be boastful or brag unless it’s necessary. Like he says….

“I’m just myself in terms of branding. What I like and think is dope is what my image consists of…from the music to how you see me in pictures. In terms of promotion, I personally am just hitting the Internet hard…a lot of persistent social networking, putting the music in front of people everyday…and a couple of other surprises!”


“Every Time” w/ Ever So Shy:

Single By Single Releases

Be ready for the suspense when John releases his next project single by single. I don’t know anyone else who is doing this right now and it’s going to create quite a buzz, especially because every song is different than the next. Like I mentioned before, John is a versatile artist and can switch it up at the drop of a beat. Every song is a different emotion. When he releases them, just listen and you will see what I mean.

“At this point in my career, I’m not interested in making people wait for the music I’m creating. I want my core fans to hear my new songs as soon as possible. I record professionally, not in my own space, and to do that, it costs money at any level in this business. Because I am independently budgeting my releases, it is beneficial for me to release single-by-single at this time in my career. It’s also fun for me to gauge what the fans are digging on a track-by-track basis as I continue to evolve as an artist. So many people have helped inspire me to make this music though, and that’s who I want to focus on…just to make sure they know they have my credit for that and give them some quality shit to bump in return.”

“No matter how far I go in this industry, you can always count on quality product from myself and my team.” –John Overton