Life is about taking your time. It’s already too short. If you just run through life with no meaning, you’ll see your life has no meaning. We are put on this earth to discover what we’re good at, to see why God gave us life. Whether it may be to help people with disabilities, be a writer, or an astronaut. Even as a young 23 year old who should feel invincible, I live every day aware that I may not see the next one. It’s not old age that takes you from this earth; it’s God. I’ve seen 3 of my young friends die in the last few months. I’ve already seen enough in my life that I know I have to appreciate everything I go through because I know it’s making me a better person each and every day.   After seeing 3 of my friends die so young, it made me think, what if I was the one laying there in that casket? Everytime I left one of the funeral homes, I thanked God for giving me another day. I thanked him for making me me, and I know when he does take me, it’s for damn good reason. So I make it my motivation to live every day like it is the last one I’ll ever see again.