Rough Starts…

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m thankful for me. After Mother’s Day yesterday, I realized that although I’ve had a rough life (Lord knows I’m not the only one), I would absolutely not want to be anyone else. I’m thankful for the struggles I’ve gone through, thankful for the pain I’ve had to endure, appreciative that I’ve gotten to go through things that some adults never get to see in a lifetime. When I spent the day with my mom, I had a few things ring clearer in my head….

Family Lessons

For the longest time, I blamed my family for me having a rough life at first. As a kid, who else do you blame but your parents? You didn’t sign up for this so it’s definitely not your fault. Your mom brought you into this world, it has to be her fault… But when you live and learn, and I mean learn, you think about what makes you you. Your parents make you, your sister, your grandma. But the person that really has an impact on you is yourself. Your family gives you the tools to choose your own path.

Pain Makes It All Worth the Wait….

So no matter what, your childhood might not be ideal but YOU’RE the one that grows up and learns that you are the captain of your own ship. You make your life what it is. MAXIMIZE that life. If you only knew what I’ve gone through… It’s too much to write in this post and you all would know me way too well; I’m not ready for all that. But I went to college, got my degree, am working for a very rewarding full-time job and it’s my very first big girl job. I never thought I’d make it through school, let alone be working for a mortgage company. I’m blown away by my own success and by my own logic. DRIVE was never handed down to me but I found it and I’ll never let it go.