I recently took a break from myself. I devoted the last six months of my life to a man who had no idea who he is or what he wanted. I admit, a couple months ago, I probably would have told you I didn’t know what/who I was either. That was because I was not me when I was with him. I’m not talking shit behind anyone’s back, I am simply telling you like it is. If you’ve been through this before, you know exactly where I’m coming from. Before you read the rest of this post, read this paragraph.

This became my motivation….  I love me. No one else has to love me.  I’m a self-made success story. Why would I ever lose sight of me for someone else? I NEVER WILL AGAIN….

A man is a great thing to have around. Who doesn’t need companionship? But there is such a thing as bad timing and boy did that timing smack me right in my face, spun me for a loop and then some. I was never the type to fall for someone… for three years I was by myself before this one. I loved the single life but when I had someone by my side, I felt like either I could conquer the world or the world would going to conquer me.

But when a smart woman like me reads into things that may seem minor at first, it’s like seeing yourself as clear as day in the mirror. A realization comes over you and it takes over you. I won’t dwell on the bullshit I went through when I gave my heart away, but just want EVERYONE to know to watch who you believe and what you fall for. Nothing is ever as it seems…… You don’t want someone else to be responsible for your heart, thoughts, and feelings.

Not saying there aren’t great guys and great relationships. I know plenty of great guys and have seen people have successful relationships, but 9 times out of 10 ladies and gents, you’re believing the wrong person. We want it to work so bad we believe ourselves and them when we know in our hearts it’s the wrong decision. Maybe you stay with them because they’re “so hot” or because their sex is good, or because they simply make you feel better in whatever way it is. Reread that statement I just made. You know it’s the wrong reason to stay but yet we do. Not only is it wrong, but it changes how you perceive yourself. Don’t lose YOU.

Get out of the bad before you lose sight of yourself, your dreams, and the goodness of people.