Kwame Johnson aka AndImHym or just Hym is a local Nap Town artist who has been making a real music buzz around his community. He won’t be local long– get to know him now so that you know him later. This guy eats, breathes, and sleeps his music. He has put his whole life on hold for his dreams simply because he believes in himself. And just like his friends and fans, he knows it’s just a matter of time before the world knows Hym. Before going solo, he was part of a group — Fly Young  Boys who later were Those Dudes. From then until now, he has done nothing but hustle for his dream. That group began the beginning of Hym, but it certainly did not end there.

Hym mixtape cover

Not only does he write his own songs, he makes his own beats and records himself.  He can film and edit videos as well, according to andimhym.com. He’s been pursuing music since he was 14, but knew as a kid he was destined for music. He’s 21 now and it’s time for a label to sign him. Once his new mixtape, 21 The Mixtape comes out, labels are going to want him. Point, blank, period.  He has opened up shows for Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, CyHi Da Prince, Twista, Big Boi, Snoop, Soulja Boy, Young Dro, Tyga, Lmfao, Bun B, 8Ball and MJG, and Travis Porter. He’s being promoted by Spread the Wealth Inc, which is an upcoming entertainment company located in Indianapolis. Hym has tons of great people on his side. It’s just a matter of time, you’re going to know this guy. If you don’t already.

Follow him @andimhym on Twitter and Facebook (andimhym.com). Listen to his songs, watch his videos, and recognize the talent of a TRUE hip hop artist.