You know I like to integrate my two subject matters on this site. So this post isn’t about hip hop. It’s about respect. So many people these days (I’m not going to point fingers, yet) are looking for respect, but not giving it. In my experience, that sh** doesn’t fly. You cannot approach me seeking respect if you’re not going to give it back. For example, I live by the Golden Rule. If you treat me well, I’ll hold you down basically til the end or until you show me I shouldn’t hold you down anymore. If you treat me like crap, my body automatically tells me not to mess with your type. I can read people really well and can smell BS from a mile away. If you’re not really down for me, you can’t step foot into my circle.

I’m not trying to make this post about me, but just giving you an insight as to how my mind thinks. Some people can go their whole lives only caring about themselves. And those are the ones who expect respect even when they don’t give respect in return. Both men and women are this way. You all probably see this on a daily basis. I see this mostly in the men who are interested in me. I’m sure men see women this way, too, but this is my perspective. Some men these days are really trying to BS these women out here. Some of the women fall for it which just ends in unhappiness. They just find out when it’s too late. The women who are aware of this make better decisions, but can still fall for a man who doesn’t have her best interest at heart. It all goes back to respect. If a man respects you, you’ll be able to tell. If you respect him, it just makes for a better relationship. Trust has to be there, though, and that’s a whole different subject.

I try to be aware of how I’m treating people if I’m getting treated the wrong way. I always evaluate both parties. I don’t always assume the other person is the one in the wrong. I have to consider that I may be too. It’s important to always put yourself in someone else’s position. I’m just trying to tell all of you to be aware of what the other person wants from you—male or female so that you know what to give back. That way you can either give them the respect they deserve or kick them to the curb. You better be seeking to gain respect, too…