Drake came into the game doing his own thing. He didn’t have a record deal and was still making better music than artists who were already signed. Before he was ever signed, he received Grammy nominations. That tells you all you need to know. Supposedly some people think he was already signed to Young Money/Universal. His mixtape “So Far Gone” was one of the best mixtapes from him and one of the best mixtapes I’ve ever heard.

His delivery comes across drastically different than other hip hop artists. He is able to capture all the young people’s attention by songs like “I’m On One,” or “Best I Ever Had” because of the way he can tell a story. People are able to relate to him because he knows how to write to include all of us– What we go through in love and life. That’s ultimately what hip hop is supposed to do for us. It’s not supposed to just be noise. It’s part of our culture– it’s something we really follow. It’s not just music. He captures a young person’s story so easily and has us hanging on to every word because we relate to what he’s saying. He’s versatile in his voice which is why he’s able to sing R&B and why he’s able to rap, and is another reason we are able to vibe to him so well.

His metaphors and uses of language in his rhymes are unlike those around him. I don’t even think Wayne’s delivery is as good as Drake’s right now, but that’s because Wayne has lost sight of a few things. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to Drake. He and T.I. both have this incredible way of storytelling which is ultimately what hip hop is. He doesn’t pretend to be anything he’s not. A lot of people think it’s Wayne who’s writing his lyrics, but Aubrey Graham can hold his own. It almost seems as though Wayne is copying him a little bit by trying to sing and try other genres of music. But the fact of the matter is, only Drake can pull off Drake.

The reason most people are vibing to “She Will” on Tha Carter IV is because of Drake’s catchy hook. That song gets everyone’s attention—girls and guys. The repeated chorus is what makes the song. He knows how to  make people sing along. He wants people to memorize it easily. The beat is tight. You can’t help but groove to it, and it’s a sexy song. Sex sales. That makes for even more record sales which is why he and Wayne do so well. Drake is also in “It’s Good” on Tha Carter IV. He kills his verse, no doubt about that. Rumor has it the two of them are supposed to make an album together. I’m not trying to be a hater, but Drake will make the CD. They work well together but Drake’s delivery is more appealing to me. Who’s do you prefer??