Watch The Throne

Watch The Throne may have a lot of religious references and political references, it may be boastful, but it’s definitely worth the listen and the praise because the collaboration is something you can’t just overlook. These guys didn’t even like each other that long ago, but they squashed the beef and brought two very unique sounds together. My favorite songs are “No Church in the Wild,” “Lift Off,” “****** in Paris,” “Otis,” “New Day,” “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Who Gon Stop Me,” “Made in America,” and “Why I love You.”

The beats are so easy to vibe as well. I know Kanye was involved in making some beats, but one of the best beats, “N****s in Paris,” was done by Hit-Boy who is signed to Yeezy’s G.O.O.D music label. To his credibility, he produced Wayne and Eminem’s “Drop the World.” Hit-Boy says,  “N—-as in Paris’ came about from me having a beat idea already. When I went to New York, I just further went into it,” Hit-Boy told Mixtape Daily. “It was just a batch of beats. Kanye asked me for some beats, and that was one of the beats I gave him.”

Whether you love or hate Jay-Z and/or Kanye, you can’t deny that the album is a good one. Granted Wayne sold more Carter IV’s, but that’s because no one really wants to hear sophisticated rap. It takes too much energy for them to listen and look for the meaning. I think the album is done fair enough that it doesn’t sound like just a Kanye album or just a Jay-Z album. Although I do think Kanye kills it on some songs better than Jay does like “N****s in Paris”, “Gotta Have It”, and “New Day.”In “New Day” and “Why I Love You”, Jay and Kanye get personal. I like the side of Kanye that comes out in “New Day” because he addresses that he doesn’t want his future son to end up like him, facing the fact that no one likes him because he’s been disrespectful. He’s becoming more aware that people don’t like or respect him because of how he’s presented himself. He says, “See I just want ‘em to have an easy life/Not like Yeezy life,” he raps over the melancholy number. “Just want ‘em to be someone people like/Don’t want ‘em to be hated all the time, judged/Don’t be like your daddy that would never budge.”

Sophisticated Rap

Yeezy calls it “sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive.” Kanye says it best right here — not only about himself, but of Jay-Z as well. I can see why Jay-Z is sort of handing the throne to Kanye, or at least when Jay-Z officially retires. Even though he gets himself into trouble with his smart mouth, he is a great lyricist and producer. Until retirement, Jay-Z will be one of the best in hip hop. He’s out of 2Pac’s era so it’s only right that he gets credibility for being true to himself. Back in the day, he was actually on the streets more, lived more of the street life. In his rap, you can tell the transition from his life then and his life now.

I’ve heard people complain that Jay-Z is falling off, but like I just said he stays true to who he is. By changing from the gangsta rap to the sophisticated rap that he’s doing now, you see progress. All artists change, sometimes not always for the better, but Jay-Z is now a rapper, writer, producer, entrepreneur– co-owner of the New Jersey Nets, founder of Roc Nation, has a fashion line (Rocawear), he is the former CEO of Def Jam Records, and one of the three co-founders for Roc-A-Fella Records. He said in one of his songs “I’m not a business man, I’m a business man.” That mentality has overtaken Jay-Z and you can’t blame him for that. Someone I was talking to last night said Jay isn’t the same as he used to be. But progressing in life never means you stay the same. Of course his music has changed, along with Wayne’s and Kanye’s.