In Order to Be Successful…

What I’ve learned from this little life so far is that in order to be truly successful, you have to be willing to do something you haven’t done before. That’s the same with making yourself happy — you have to be willing to go the extra mile, because happiness doesn’t come so easy for some of us. You have to befriend people you otherwise wouldn’t. You never know who you can really relate to unless you think outside of the box. People who are exactly like you or are your same age can get you into trouble sometimes. You need friends who are positive, willing to put forth a friendship that isn’t based on negativity, and who keep you uplifted rather than bring you down. Befriend an honest person instead of a cheat. Sometimes cheats aren’t so noticeable when you’re looking them in the face, but eventually their bad side(s) come(s) out. Get away from them and their type as soon as you can. That only leads to destruction.

Work, Work, Work

Aside from the people in your life, the next biggest step to feeling and being successful is of course, having a job. Generally not just any job will do either. Some of us go to school to get a better job. Others of us would rather have actual experience instead of just a college degree or even high school diploma. If you’d rather work in a factory and work yourself up to owning your own, then that is being successful, too. But my way of working up in life is through school. I’ve graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and I don’t even feel like I’m getting close to starting my career. Although I’ve done internships and am holding a part time position at Steak and Shake, I haven’t found my first full time job yet. That is also just me being impatient, but I am definitely trying to stay positive because I know my time is coming! I know that I’m doing what it takes to get to the next step by applying, applying and applying to full time positions. I’m not going to get discouraged. I know my life is panning out how it should, and I’m working hard to get to a better place in life.


Regardless of your background or education, you have to be willing to do what it takes to pay the bills. Just imagine what it’s like working a full time job and getting that first pay check. 40 hours a week is way better than 30 or less. The full time paycheck is drastically different than your part time paycheck. Being able to envision this will have you making better steps to get to the actual thing. You will expect more of yourself if your envisioning this and eventually you will be acting out your own vision.

Put You First

You have to be willing to put yourself first in order to be successful as well. God also needs to be first. Keep those two on the same level and things will start changing for you. ¬†Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself first because you are used to putting our family first, like I used to or maybe even your friends come first. But the fact of the matter is, you are the only one in control of your life. Granted, God is a big force behind your heartbeat, but he also put you in control of your life secondly. You have to own up to your life, own up to finding out what you were put on this earth for, and you have to own up to reaching that goal. You also have to be willing to put the past to rest. If there’s one thing that haunts you from your past or if there’s more than one, you have to kiss that life goodbye to make room for your new one. It’s not as though you’re dismissing it like it didn’t happen, but putting it behind you so that your new life has room to breathe and grow.