Doesn’t Fit with Other Carters

It’s been way too long since I’ve written last, I know. My internet was out for a second, but now I’m back!! So the next album on the agenda is definitely Wayne’s Carter IV. When I first heard it, I called it trash. But the more I listen to it, the more I like it. But I canNOT say that I like every song by any means nor can I say that I like every part of the songs. A verse will be good, but a chorus can be crap. There are only a few songs that actually belong on a Carter album. The closest Wayne got to his other Carters is “President Carter.” You guys remember “Dr. Carter” on Tha Carter II. The content of the song goes really well with the theme of that song.

The Good of the Carter IV

The other songs that belong on Tha Carters are probably: “Blunt Blowin’,” “She Will,” “John,” and “So Special.” What saved the CD was the people he decided to put on the album like Drake, Rick Ross, John Legend, Jadakiss, Bun B., and Nas. “It’s Good” is one of the best tracks on there because of Jadakiss and Drake.  Tech N9ne even shows up on the CD, but only in an interlude. That was cool of Wayne to put Tech on there, but he should’ve been in an actual song since Wayne was in “F*** Food” on Tech’s All 6’s and 7’s album. Another thing that saved the album were the bonus tracks, “I Like the View” and “Two Shots.” Those beats are real live. Most of the beats are, but Wayne doesn’t always match the beat.

Wayne's Carter IV


This persona of Tunechi has drastically changed his music. Before he went to jail, he announced his name would be Lil’ Tunechi. He becomes the personas he raps about and it shows  in his music. Weezy F. Baby was wayyy better than Tunechi. Shoot, all of his other identities were better than Tunechi. All this identity is worried about is b****es, ho**, and the p word. It’s not REAL hip hop to just be on a sexist mess. It’s not that I don’t know that it’s part of the genre — I do. I understand Tunechi is changing, just like the rest of us, but I wish it wasn’t so noticeable in his lyrics.

I Want the Old Wayne  Back…

But that’s not the Wayne I’ve always known. He’s about his money, that’s for damn sure. I get that. Since he became the leader of Young Money, he has certainly changed his mentality. Being the leader of a group like that would be expected to change, but I keep wishing for the old Wayne to come back. He was trying to prove himself instead of just knowing he was the s***. Now he knows he is and it’s changing his lyrics and mentality.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to probably keep listening to the album, but I’ll certainly pass through some of the songs. He’s still a musical genius because he’s got so much talent, not only in the rap side of things, but also in the business side. He has been in the game a pretty long time and he’s still young. If this was any other Carter though, I’d listen to it all the way through. Big ups to Wayne for doing his thang, but I’m still going to listen to him critically, waiting for the Wayne I first fell in love with. His music, that is, not him.