R & B

Some of this new R & B that has come out is something I can’t ignore. Miguel’s new album All I Want Is You is some of that new R&B that I can’t stop listening to. Check out the songs, Teach Me, All I Want Is You, My Piece, Pay Me, Girls Like You, Hard Way, Hero and Vixen aka almost the whole CD. I used to constanly listen to R & B, but it depended on where my love life was at the moment, for real. I know that sounds silly, but when I shut myself off, after being in a couple relationships, I didn’t want to listen to that love crap. As most of you can tell, music is something that really speaks to me in more ways than one and it always has an effect on my mood.

But the fact of the matter is I don’t have to be in love to listen to R&B anymore. I’ve grown great appreciation for both genres, but I’ve noticed I’ve been listening to a lot more R&B because I feel that it is truer to life right now. Granted hip hop speaks to us because it keeps us motivated to brush off the haters, it’s very true in its exaggeration of the language, it’s something we can vibe to in the club, AND very mindful about what’s going on in our world today (but some artists have lost sight of this). But R&B is something all of us can relate to because it talks about love, relationships, etc. We as a human race all seek love throughout our lives, whether that be relationships, friendships, or love for ourselves. There’s no denying that.

This is a hip hop blog, or at least that was the idea when I first created this portfolio of my writing. But as most of you have heard, hip hop is in jeopardy. Some of you don’t even think twice about this, you know it’s in jeopardy. Others are looking at this post like, ‘what do you mean?’ But the truth of the matter is hip hop has become a different hip hop than what it originally started out to be.

The First Hip Hop

When it first came out, people were intrigued by the beat which is ultimately the first thing you groove to when you hear a song. Hip hop began in the ’70’s –a perfect time for dancing– which went on through the ’80’s. Then hip hop went through a stage of what some people call “gangsta” rap which influenced a lot of beef among artists such as 2Pac and Biggie. The “gangsta” stuff has calmed down for the most part, but that’s what has people wondering what real hip hop is. Most consider Pac and Biggie’s time as real hip hop. Other classify the stuff before them as real hip hop.

Today’s Hip Hop

The stuff we hear today from Wayne and Wiz Khalifa though, is not real hip hop. I’m not saying that I don’t listen to them at all! I’m just saying they aren’t talking about anything expect weed and hoes. Wayne started off giving us “the best rapper alive,” anthem but the last few years he’s been making commercial music, rock music, and R&B or whatever “How to Love Is.” He is simply trying to brag about what he thinks he can do for a woman and not what he can do for the game. Times have changed which means music has changed. Shock value is what we want as Americans now. If we don’t have that, we don’t want to hear what the artist is saying. But R&B has the sexy language, too. It’s way more enticing to hear when someone is singing rather than yelling it.