Musical Motivation

Music motivates me. It motivates me to workout, it motivates me to get out of a bad mood, and it motivates me to have a good day. Straight up. I don’t understand how it can affect me like that, but it does. And if your music does the same for you, then hell yeah! You’re listening to the right music. But if your music makes you sad, or makes you think about times that aren’t so happy, or if it just doesn’t motivate you, you need to change up the tunes! Which is why I listen to hip hop. It’s my motivation.

Hip hop really makes me enjoy my workout, as weird as that sounds, but it’s oh so true! If I don’t have my music, I don’t workout. There’s no in-between. I just can’t be physically motivated without headphones and hip hop in my ears. I have those little mini heart attacks we all so often get when we lose our cell phones, our keys, or our debit cards, when I forget my iPod at the apartment. Even with gas prices as high as they are and as mad as it makes me that I forgot my iPod in the first place, I’ll still go back to my apartment and get my iPod so I can complete my workout. Why wouldn’t I just not go that day? Yeah right. I’m as dedicated to my workouts as I am to my hip hop. Stubborn or dedicated, I’m not sure. Probably a little bit of both.

That just shows you how much I need music in my life. Hip hop music, that is. You need music, too! Pick the kind that makes you happy or motivates you! I’m not an artist, but I eat, breathe, and live this music. Whenever I figure out what I’m doing with this passion, I’ll let you know…….