“How To Love” is Not Hip Hop

I’m really not trying to go ham on Wayne, I’m really not. But this “How to Love” mess is a hot mess! Any time that Wayne is actually singing throughout the whole song, plug your ears! You’ve got to be kidding me. I sat through this song the first time I heard it, shaking my head like “are you serious?”

I won’t completely bash him, though, he does all right with the song, but it’s not hip hop and I think we’ll be hearing more of that hot mess. Maybe Wayne is really learning how to love and he had to get that song out for him, or he is just doing it to get more ladies on his side (not that he needs anymore), or someone else wrote it for him and he decided to put his raspy voice on it. Either way you go, the song irritates the crap out of me.

“How to Love”  doesn’t work for me, but it seems to work for others. And that’s cool. Younger people like it, definitely more females, and people who aren’t hip hop advocates like it. But for the ones who want the old Wayne back, before he went commercial, we’re not liking it one bit. The Wayne about 4 or 5 years ago is the Wayne I want back, but it’s obviously not about what I want. I understand as an artist he is exploring the many talents he has, but in order to be “The Best Rapper Alive,” you can’t be caught singing “How to Love” or “Prom Queen“. Point blank.

Sex Sales

Wayne knows that sex sales. Whether that be talking about actual sex or singing about love, that’s what people want to hear. Especially women. Wayne knows that sex sales and that woman love him. I’m a girl, I “love” him, but I DON’T love that song. He doesn’t sound terrible actually, but it’s not the Wayne lyrics I fell in love with. He can keep doing rock, r&b (or whatever you call that), and half-ass hip hop. I’m going to stop taking him serious, if so.