Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Wayne fan all the way. But with him recently becoming a commercial artist, like most do, I’m wondering what he’s really offering me right now. I’m not hating on him at all. I understand if you’re in that industry, you want your name out there as much as possible and you want to make the most money you possibly can. I get that. But that ish shows in his music now. Like when he jumps on a track with Mike Posner, puts his name on a song called “How to Love”, and represents the rock community as well as hip hop.

Mike Posner and Wayne Don’t Mix

He jumps on any track and ends up making the song better, but my problem is that I won’t listen to those artists just because he’s in it. I refuse to listen to him and Mike Posner.  I want to listen to Wayne for Wayne, not listen to Mike Posner to hear Wayne. I know collaborating with artists is part of the game, but an artist should be selective on who they work with if they want to be the “Best Rapper Alive”. You’ve got to be kidding me. Mike Posner’s voice is annoying! Granted Wayne makes his song “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” a teeny bit better, but not much because look at the title of the song. SMH.

He makes Kelly Rowland’s song  “Motivation” better by jumping on the track and the video. Wayne actually makes that song better because I’d rather hear him than Kelly anyway. Kelly killed it in the song and video with Wayne, though! I’m sure she knew that she would or she wouldn’t have wanted to work with him. Either that, or her label knew what they were doing by getting Wayne on the song which I’m sure it doesn’t take much persuasion on Wayne’s part because Kelly is one hot mama!

Entertainer to the Fullest

But what saves him is that he is a great entertainer not only on T.V. but in person, I’ve seen him and I will see him again on Aug 14 at Verizon Wireless in Noblesville. He definitely knows how to keep a crowd going! A crowd full of people from all different backgrounds come to see Wayne perform. There’s no denying the people who follow him because there are millions! But again, he’s reached out to people all over the world for being so diversified in his music. Reaching out to all these types of different people is great for your name Lil Wayne, but is it keeping you true to hip hop?

But at the end of the day, what story is Wayne trying to sell except for “I make more money”, “I f*** more women”, and “I rap better than you”. He often talks about brushing off the haters which is always a hip hop motivator. He’s great at his delivery because of the way he plays with language: metaphor, simile, etc. He talks about stuff we’ve heard about, anything we’ve heard about whether it be politics, New Orleans, and even Lorna Doone shortbread cookies. He raps to some of the hottest beats which is what keeps a lot of people listening to hip hop. The beats, that is.  We like his delivery because his voice is so different than others you’ve heard. But that’s what makes that rapper a rapper; his ability to deliver in a different way we’ve heard. But other than that, what stories is Wayne bringing to the table besides him being proud of his own accomplishments? And he definitely should be.

Wayne Back in the Day

I think around the time of “Hustler’s Musik“, “Sky is the Limit“,  and mixtapes like Da Drought 3 was a time for Wayne’s real hip hop, though. Around that time, he was not involved in the rock genre. I give him two thumbs up on being able to do it, but I don’t like rock like that. And I don’t like Wayne in it. It’s definitely not a way to bring hip hop back to life. I don’t know what rappers are really trying to do that besides J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco…..I’m running out of ideas. I need more! Where is hip hop is the question I’m often hearing from the used-to-love-hip-hop fans……