It’s been since April 10 since I’ve written last, I know. It’s time for me to take this new free time that I have, with no school, to post blogs more regularly. Generally on this blog I would be blogging about hip hop music, how I fit into the culture, or something along those lines, but I decided I’m also going to use this as an opportunity to keep everyone up-to-date on my tasks as a writer, business woman, and recent college grad. On May 7th, I graduated from the University of Indianapolis with a bachelor’s degree in English/Creative Writing and a Professional Writing minor which is a good reason why I haven’t posted anything in forever. Since this site was done for a portfolio website for Writing for the Web class, I took this as a chance to display my writing abilities post-graduation.

I’ve just recently taken on two internships. One intern position is with an entertainment company located in Indianapolis; the other is with a company that sells products online. With the entertainment company, I am learning the entertainment industry by dipping into the business side of things with tasks such as blogging on Indy Mojo, posting flyers and updating Facebook and Twitter accounts, helping with the creation of the new ABA team and league they are becoming a part of, and also helping them set up parties at various venues in Indianapolis. I attend staff and business meetings about parties, upcoming T.V. shows where the company will be represented in some way, and any other upcoming events.

With the other internship, I will blog for their products and help them with anything that needs to be edited or rewritten. I am super excited about all of the knowledge that I will gain from both of these internships. They will both help increase my writing skills, so hopefully soon you all will notice an improvement as well! I did major in English/Creative Writing, but writing is something that must be continually worked on because a writer can always be better. It’s important to have your own distinct voice even in writing. Developing that in writing doesn’t always happen overnight. It takes quite a bit of time for a writer to develop the person they want to be in writing.

It took me the whole four years of college, not just writing classes, but knowledge wise, to write the way I wanted to write. Even now, I know I can improve. Some many thoughts are always being formulated in my mind that I find it hard to write them all down the way I see them in my head. But now that I’m living in reality instead of college life, I’m better able to understand my thoughts more which helps when trying to write them down. These internships will definitely help my writing skills and I’m super excited about that! I’m ready to turn any and everything I can about both of the industries I’m interning with.